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Forward Travellers Sacco online booking made easy. Forward Travellers Sacco Ltd Kenya is a medium size company registered under Ministry of Cooperative marketing and development on November 2010 to run an enterprise in the transport industry. So do Forward Travellers Sacco bus online bus ticket booking now!

Forward travellers Sacco Online Booking FAQs

What is the timings and routes covered by Forward travellers Sacco buses?

Runs from Eastlands, Nairobi County mainly covering 3 big routes: 19\60,17A and Eastern By-Pass-Bus Station.

Their travel routes:

•    Kayole to Gikomba
•    Kayole to Nairobi
•    Eastern by-pass Juja road bus station

Foarward Travellers Sacco fleet

They are using Matatu fleet for the transfer of passengers in all of their Kenya routes via Forward Travellers Sacco bus tickets. These Matatu are the Kenya redesigned vehicle and most of them are previously were Fuso and Isusu Tipper. They are also using a Toyota Hiace for transferring passengers in their routes.
All of their Matatu have on board fun like TV services and best music from their heavy sound system made within Matatu. Though they are operating Pointy to Point services, but they have a best status to their customers.

Forward Travellers Sacco services

The key activities of the firm is transferring of passengers between those named routes in Kenya as they have daily services to their customers. This services are offered with regard to the announced fares in the Public of Kenya and it is accessible to all people regardless of their identity.

What is the contact details of Forward Travellers Sacco buses?

Forward Travellers Sacco Ltd

Next To Sparks Village, Along Spine Road, 
1272-00518 Kayole, Nairobi
Kayole, Nairobi

Forward Travellers Sacco Bus Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

The membership of the society includes of individuals who own P.S.V buses and via them ascribes to Forward Sacco for management and runs co-ordination. Currently, the membership stands at three-hundred with a fleet of 370 vehicles and company offering Forward Travellers Sacco Nairobi To Kayole online booking service.