How to get a sim card in Morocco

How to Buy a SIM Card in Morocco

Cell phone coverage is generally amazing in Morocco cities and metropolitan places, although expect limited coverage in desert, remote or mountainous areas. If you want to use your cell phone on the go, your top best it to buy a sim card in Morocco to insert into your unlocked phone for the duration of your stay. Otherwise, global roaming can be activated with your present service provider, but be sure to check the charges linked with this as it can often be extremely expensive, mainly in Morocco. Here's a guide on how to get a sim card in Morocco:

Buying a best sim card in Morocco

To reject roaming charges, it is possible to buy a data sim card in Morocco. Ensure that your phone is unlocked before you leave home so a local SIM will be compatible. Morocco has 3 mobile phone networks - Maroc Telecom, Inwi, and Meditel - all of which have broad coverage, which may be less successful in remote places. 4G is largely accessible in the key cities and towns of Morocco.

You will be capable to buy SIM from a teleboutique, or at kiosk, newsstand, or ease store, and this will generally set you back around hundred dirham for a fair amount of sim card Morocco internet and calls. Depending on the time you travel, there will be a range of prepared deals provided by these provides.

Please note that Some Moroccan telecommunications firms have blocked the call spec on internet calling applications like WhatsApp and Skype so customers use their local call network. Messaging services on these applications are not blocked. If you would love to call with application like this during your time in Morocco, you may need to install a Virtual Private network on your cell phone.

Which is the best mobile network in Morocco?

Marco Telecom

•    Maroc Telecom is the big network provider in Morocco.
•    Buy sim card in Morocco cost MAD 40 and comes with five GB data valid for thirty days which is quite much enough for most visitors.
•    Getting sim card in Morocco for touristse: Pass Jawal international, gives discounts on data, calls, and texts to the Canada, US and European nations.
•    To use data  of Maroc Telecom you must active the data choice on your SIM card by dialing 888.


•    Orange sim card in Morocco and SIM card cost: MAD 20
•    Orange is the second biggest telecommunication in Morocco.
•    Orange best deal: Orange provides discounts on international calls to the US, Saudi Arabia and almost all Western countries.


Inwi is the little network provider but the best prepaid sim card in Morocco for tourists who need to communicate to people in Asia since it provides discounted calls to many Asian nations.

Best places to buy SIM cards

•    Tobacco kiosks
•    Airport

The SIM card vendor must take an image of your passport, its general nothing to be alarmed about.

How much is a SIM card in Morocco?

Mobile data is cheap in Morocco. With a bit of luck, you will get some starting credit when you buy your SIM. Thereafter, you will need to top up your credit manually. You can guess to pay in the area of ten DH per one GB data. Do not be confused if the data usage does not emerge to be calculated in GB. 

Be aware that there are many different kinds of SIM card accessible. With so-called Carte Internet Mobile prepayee, you will only get a tourist sim card in Morocco and mobile data. No calls can be made with this card. These SIMs are generally in a bundle with a UMTS/3G stick.

If you intend to make phone calls with your mobile. I advise that you buy a universal prepaid sim card in Morocco, which offers calls, mobile data and texts.