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Here is how to get a credit card in Ghana online. Ghana credit cards is a short-term financing choice issued by a commercial bank to permit holders to borrow cash at the automated teller machine or pay for services and goods at a point of sale device. Here's what to know about how to apply for credit cards in Ghana.

Here is how to get a credit card in Ghana Online FAQs

How to get a credit card online in Ghana?

Credit card Ghanan banks

Before you apply to any of the credit card Ghanan banks issuing, ensure you have a relationship with them, basically, an active bank account. Ghana banks do not have a general database to measure the credit score of clients so they do rely a lot on the relationship customers have established with them, they will need you to open on and run it for at least, 6 months. This will provide them a fair idea of your cashflow and earnings. If you are self-employed, they may need some information about what you do and how you earn your income. If you are a salaried worker, the issuing bank may need your employer to sign an undertaking,  promising to continually pay your salary via the bank.

Barclays bank, Ecobank Ghana, Stanbic bank , Aside Barclays bank Ghana

Aside Barclays bank Ghana and Ecobank Ghana, Stanbic bank Ghana also issues credit cards Ghana. It must be reiterated that only the credit card provided by Barclays bank caters for the needs of middle and low income earners.

How to apply for a credit card in Ghana?

To be eligible, you must be a salaried employees who gets your remittances monthly via an account with the bank.

How to get a debit credit card in Ghana?

Ecobank has2 types of credit cards; premier platinum credit card and Advantage Gold Credit Card. These are Mastercard credit card in Ghana you can apply for a premier current account or an advantage current account. To know which card is perfect for you, know the specific needs by each of the issuing bank and measure them with the level of income. You can straight walk to any of their branches, call their customer service centers. This will also support you to match the advantages that each of the credit card Ghanan banks provides. Credit cards in Ghana can better living situations, as they offer a short-term financing choice to have entry to an amount with a flexible payback terms.

How to get Mastercard credit card in Ghana?

For example, the Mastercard credit card Ghana provided by Barclays Bank providers customers fifty-five days of free access to a verified amount, after which a five percent interest will be charge on the amount. Some credit cards come with discounts at partner shops and picked retail centers, when a Barclays Bank credit card holder uses his/her card to shop at Orca Deco, Game, Holiday Inn, MaxMart and other Barclays Bank alliance partners, up to fifty percent discount on all purchases is promised. Unlike cash, when you lose your credit card, you have not lost your money, it can simply be blocked and changed after you inform your issuing bank fast. Ghana credit cards can also be used to pay for services and goods worldwide.

Can I use American debit or credit cards in Ghana?

No credit card is largely accepted in Ghana establishment except at upscale restaurants and hotels. It would not be a best idea to plan to make a payment through this method.

If you are capable to take cash advances on your Master Card, it would probably job in an ATM here for such objectives. ATM machines are largely accessible in big cities now.

How to get a credit card in Ghana tips

Obtaining Ghana credit card facilities is a big challenge to most people in Ghana due to a high rate of non-performing credits in the banking sector. Not until December last year, Ghanaian credit cards facilities were exclusive to high income earners; EcoBank released the first ever credit card facility in Ghana a decade ago, a service accessible to the rich people in the nation.