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A new way to make transfers and payments

Best Uganda Credit Cards - Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards

>> Enjoy the freedom to do what you want to do. Get a credit card in Rwanda online.

Here is how to get a credit card in Rwanda online. Take your money safety and security payments in your hands - use credit, debit, prepaid or virtual credit card in Rwanda for online payments, shopping and subscription at known and unknown sites and applications. Even famous web merchants can get hacked and your payment data can be abused or stolen. Here are the best reasons why Rwanda credit cards are the bomb! 

How to get a credit card in Rwanda online FAQs

100% safety at your fingertips

The 3D secure technology lets you verify transactions with an extra SMS verification cord, used for payments at internet sellers who support the technology at checkout.

Mastercard or visa virtual credit card in Rwanda

It is very easy: Use Virtual Mastercard or visa credit card Rwanda and never show your primary money account.

General features of Rwanda credit card 

•    Cardholders can transaction even when they do not have cash on their account. They have Rwandan credit card limit which they can utilize.
•    Can also be used to draw money from an ATM and cash advance charges is levied.
•    Companies can also advantage by being taking firm Rwanda credit cards for their workers.
•    Supported by firms with leading card payment programs for global acceptance.
•    Credit card Rwandan banks expiry is given in cycles of 2,3,4 or whatever number of year issuer favors. Anyway, it can be cancelled in any time in case of fraud or abuse.
•    Can be transactions over the online world for purchase of services and goods.
•    In instances where the Rwandan credit cards has not been produced this is referred to as card not present transaction. One could asked to give some security digits at the back of the card for verification objectives

Simple and intuitive ways to control your spending & budgeting

•    Budget all your internet expenses using a separate credit card and virtual credit card in Rwanda for each.
•    Control your spending habits with transaction limits - weekly, daily, monthly or for one payments.
•    Freeze your virtual and Rwandan credit cards abroad after each payment, successfully making it useless for hackers and fraudsters.
•    Unfreeze it for a few seconds the next time you purchase something.
•    Get true-time alerts for each credit card payment and prepaid credit card Rwanda, including instant transfers, incoming bank transfers, mobile payments, etc.

Advantages of credit cards Rwanda


Buy financial instruments like foreign currency, stocks, or cryptocurrencies and other coins from exchange sites & crypto trading.


Help your freelance subscriptions with Google for Business, Upwork, Shutterstock, DropBox, Dribble, Behance and others.


Pay for services and products at any internet shop, including eBay, Amaz0n, PayPal, AliExpress and

How to get a credit card in Rwanda tips

•    In Rwanda, ATM machines are just accessible in big cities. Machines accepting Visa are at Entebee airport and Kampala, but are sometimes out of service and just pay out Rwanda currency.
•    There are very few locations in Rwanda outside of Kigali at which a credit cards Rwanda can be used. Visitors to Rwanda are attracted not to depend on credits for making purchases.
•    It is not advised to bring travellers checks with you to Rwanda. They can sometimes be replaced for local currency at the airport in Rwanda, but this is not promised. For cashing travellers checks, the receipt from their real purchase may be needed.
•    Once a safari, just cash can be used for currency conversion. Bigger U.S bills earn an excellent rate of exchange ($50 - $100 bills).
•    Rwanda currency can be changed back to American dollars at the airport upon departure. Most currency exchange services will not replace coins - paper currency only.
•    U.S. dollars must be dated 2009 or newer and must be in best situations, not defaced or torn