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      Best Credit Cards in South Africa  – Visa, MasterCard or American Express

      Enjoy the freedom to do what you want to do. Get a credit card in South Africa online.

      Here is how to get a credit card in South Africa online. So your bank has just provided you a Visa debit card with the new account you opened, but you have no idea what it is. A debit card might look a credit card, but not work like a credit card. In credit card, you take credit from the issuing authority to make purchases on a credit, you use your own currency to buy something using debit. Although both of them help you buy things without carrying cash, but their working is fully different. Here’s what to know about how to apply for credit cards in South Africa.

      Here are the advantages of MasterCard, American Express or Visa cards and how to get a credit card in South Africa online:

      Credit cards in South Africa stop debt, but funds run out

      For many, the advantage of Visa debit cards in South Africa is that you would not go into debt when using them. They restrict spending to what is versatile in your checking account. There also would not be interest charges each month.
      Anyway, when you run of money, the card will be declined, in which case the bank will pay for the full transaction.

      They are simple to get but need a PIN

      Visa debits cards are simple to get if you have no or bad credit. If you can get a checking account, you can get a Debit credit cards in South Africa.

      In contrast, you have to apply for credit card separately, and some cards are restricted to people with top credit scores. If you get a card from a bank other than where you do your banking, it also would not be attached to a bank account, which introduces more difficulty to your finances. You will generally have one more password and username, another card number that can get stolen, and an extra payment you need to stay on top of each month.

      They are best for little purchases but complicate big ones

      Merchants pay fees to process your payment, and Visa Card charges in South Africa are generally much lower than credit cards fees. As an outcome some merchants need you to meet minimum purchase thresholds when you use a credit card, like a $15 minimum, for example. In contrast, you can generally avoid swipe fees when you use a debit card, keeping your favorite business costs too.

      Credit cards in South Africa expenditures are credits, so you do not have to pay back what you borrowed right away. This makes it simple to manage big purchases.

      How to get a credit card in South Africa online tips

      Apart from the purchasing power, you can use your Visa card to withdraw money from ATM.