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Best Uganda Credit Cards - Credit, Debit, and Prepaid Cards

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Here is how to get a credit card in Uganda online. Credit, debit, and prepaid credit cards in Uganda permits you to buy services and goods or withdraw cash for fast use and then pay for the purchases at an affordable installment at a future date at an assigned revolving credit limit. Here's what to know about how to apply for Uganda credit cards.

How to get a credit card in Uganda online FAQs

What you get from credit cards in Uganda

•    Accept credit as and when you want it. Once you have your card, there is no need to wait for future application of a credit.
•    Safe way of online shopping because it is verified by Visa
•    It is more accepted globally
•    It is simple and secure than carrying cash
•    A secondary card for your family members at no plus cost
•    Free credit protection plan on permanent disability or death
•    Free travel insurance
•    Unlimited free card related SMS and monthly statement
•    You can pay for services and goods quickly but spread the repayment over a longer period with minimum monthly repayments of ten percent of your outstanding credit card Ugandan banks balance.

How to get virtual credit card Uganda?

A virtual credit card or a prepaid card is like any other bank issued. It is generally but not forever an add-on in nature and it does not have any plastic existence. All match details on the card number, the Valid form date, the CVV number and the expiry date are visible online. The virtual credit card in Uganda permits you to online transact online with a credit limit of your option. They also have similar reward or cashback points, as a primary prepaid credit card Uganda. Since no physical plastic card issued, it can be used for internet transactions only.

Some of the ways prepaid and Uganda credit cards works

•    These provides you secured transactions, and the possibilities of misplacement or theft are considerably low.
•    You are agreed with a transaction restriction above which you cannot use your card. It ensure that you do not use over your budget which might make useless financial burden.
•    Applying for a VCC is fully free of cost.
•    In case you have a remaining balance, the amount will be included to the credit limit of your initial credit card.
•    Your credit card detail stays fully secured, and you can access the wanted details by logging in to your internet account or app by entering your credentials.

Where to get Uganda credit cards


You can access your Ugandan credit cards abroad via the application by your issuer, for example, online services like Payoneer or PayPal and get the necessary details. These 2 firms also avail their virtual credit cards in physical form if you need it, but will also be capable to get all your transactions on either the firm site or mobile application. It should be noted that PayPal virtual credit card choice would not work in Uganda.

MTN MoMo Card

MTN has a connection with Mastercard to avail credit card services via its mobile money platform but validity is just thirty days. MTN MoCard is attached to a customer mobile cash account.


Standcharted has digital cards their edition of a virtual credit card in Uganda. These credit cards Uganda are different from the physical StanChart issued cards. Aside from the card name and aesthetics, the card number and CVV are all different.

How to get a credit card in Uganda tips

Visa credit cards in Uganda

If you are worried of using your visa credit card in Uganda online purchase, you can make your own virtual credit card in Uganda for online purchase for the needed amount. You can use that for internet purchase and any balance left will mechanically be credit back to your account.