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Best Credit Cards in Kenya - Debit, Virtual and Prepaid Credit Cards

>> Enjoy the freedom to do what you want to do with Kenya credit cards. Get a credit cards in Kenya online now.

Here is how to get a credit card in Kenya online. Many Kenyan use virtual, debit and prepaid credit card in Kenya interchangeably to buy goods and services. Anyway, you should be alert that these types of best credit cards in Kenya are pretty different and that each card work differently. Here are the best reasons why to apply and use the best Kenya credit cards.

How to get a credit card in Kenya Online FAQs

Using Credit Cards in Kenya

If you use a credit cards in Kenya, you are borrowing cash that you may pay back, in addition to interest, if you do not pay the Kenyan credit card balance in full by the due date. Like the name advises "credit" a.k.a credit or in Swahili "Deni".

But, if you use a debit card, which is issued by your bank and attached to your saving or checking account, the cash taken from the account is yours and you will never incur interest charges.

Kenya Prepaid Credit Card

With Kenya prepaid credit card, you are spending cash deposited on them, and they generally are not attached to your savings or checking account. Prepaid products contain "general-objective reloadable" cards,  which show a network brands such as Visa or MasterCard.

How much does it cost to get a prepaid debit card in Kenya?

Prepaid debit card in Kenya and debit card transactions will be rejected if you do not have the funds in your card or account. Similarly, a Kenyan credit cards issuer may reject a transaction that puts you over your credit limit unless you have explicitly agreed to pay a fee to allow over-the-limit transactions.

Prepaid debit cards, sometimes, many different minimal fees incurred to use the card. These costs may contain monthly fees, charges for loading funds onto the card, and fees for each transaction.

Credit and prepaid credit card Kenya

The introduction of credit and prepaid credit card Kenya has enabled many Kenyans to be capable to conduct internet purchases. To use payment platforms like PayPal or buy online goods and pay with MasterCard or Visa, one needs to have a virtual credit card Kenya or prepared debit card.

The top thing about prepaid credit card Kenya is that you not need a bank account with any of the service/bank providers to own one.

This means that all you need is just to load/top up the card with cash and does not have linking to your personal bank account like ATM card.

The most famous credit cards in the Kenya are:

•    NationHela credit card
•    KCB general purpose Credit card
•    Nakumatt Global Credit and MasterCard

The dos and don'ts of credit card in Kenya

•    It is vital that you have the best information about how to use your credit card in Kenya right from the begin.
•    While you have entry to extra cash, it is forever wise to use credit carefully.
•    Pick a card that matches your lifestyle. If it is a rewards card, pick one with advantages that you know you will use.
•    A card with fees will provide you more advantages. Do your due diligence and view if the fee is value it.
•    Go for a no-fee card. These Kenya credit cards are great for sudden emergency conditions or internet purchases.
•    Be aware of interest rate linked to your credit card Kenyan banks. Make your payments before each statement due date and you will forever have an interest-free credit.
•    If you cannot afford to settle the complete outstanding amount, make sure you pay more than the lowest installment. You will square the interest owned although your debt would not go away. 
•    If your outstanding debt credit card becomes too huge, consider consolidating it all the one with a substitute credit. You will be charged a lower interest rate on the outstanding amount.

How to get a credit card in Kenya tips

What you need to know

To begin building your credit record or better it, you need to make sure you maintain a best credit history, stay in the loop with respect to your credit worthiness, and understand your credit report and credit score.

Bank have credit protection plans that will help settle the repayments of your debt in the event of disability, death, retrenchment or critical sickness.