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      Best Credit Cards in Nigeria – Debit, Virtual and Prepaid Credit Cards

      Enjoy the freedom to do what you want to do with Nigeria credit cards. Get credit cards in Nigeria online now.

      Here is how to get a credit card in Nigeria online. Nigeria credit card is the little category within financial cards in Nigeria, both in terms of number of cards in circulation and transaction worth. This is because virtual, debit, and prepaid credit card in Nigeria is traditionally pretty low due to attracting a niche of mid-to upper income consumer. Here are the best reasons why to apply and use the best credit cards in Nigeria.

      How to get a credit card in Nigeria online FAQs

      How common is Nigeria credit card usage?

      Credit card in Nigeria usage is very low to non existing in Lagos, Nigeria. Both the credit cards Nigeria and the Nigeria prepaid credit card are referred to as a payment card, there are certain things that differentiate them. Even though they look alike, they do not forever serve as the same objective at all times.

      Nigerian credit card advantages

      •    Simple access to cash with a revolving line of credit.
      •    Enjoy up to up to forty-five days interest free credit.
      •    Flexible repayment choice with a low as ten percent minimum monthly repayment needed.
      •    Enjoy remarkable discounts at partner hotels, restaurants, lounge access, etc. across the planet.
      •    Make internet bill payments, car rental services, hotel reservations and online shopping
      •    Withdraw cash from ATMs or make payments on terminals internationally or locally.

      What is the difference between a Nigeria prepared credit card and a credit card?

      While a customer has to fund his bank account to make use of a Nigeria prepared credit card, the customer for transaction made with Nigerian credit card at the end of the month.

      How does credit card work in Nigeria?

      A credit card in Nigeria is a payment that provides you access to cash advances within a set restriction which you can spend just via the card. With every purchase the sum is deducted from your credit card Nigerian banks balance. For example, if your credit card limit is ₦50,000, and you done a purchase of  ₦10,000, your Nigerian credit cards remains ₦40,000.

      Anyway, the funds accessible in your credit card can be replenished over and over as long as you pay back a lowest amount within set dates.

      Just like regular loans, not paying your complete statement balance by its due date can add interests and affect your credit score restricting how much funds you can access via your credit cards Nigeria. On the other hand, prompt payment is rewarded by an expansion of your Nigeria credit card limit.

      How do I obtain a credit card in Nigeria?

      Nigeria credit card application is very simple:

      Visa credit card Nigeria

      The primary step is to check your eligibility for a visa credit card Nigeria, next to fill an application, which will be reviewed by the issued. And upon authorization, your card will be shipped to you.

      Nigeria prepaid credit card

      To be eligible for the Nigeria prepaid credit card, you must be:

      •    Resident in Nigeria
      •    Between 21 – 55 years of age
      •    A salary earner with least a gross monthly salary of ₦210, 000, or an Entrepreneur with a six month average turnover of ₦210, 000.

      How to apply for a credit card in Nigeria

      Applying for a credit card in Nigeria is quick and convenient. You can online apply and your application is reviewed within twenty-four hours. If you qualify, your credit card will be delivered through courier to your preferred pick-up place.

      Why you need a Nigeria credit card?

      There are many reasons why you need a credit card Nigeria in 2020. Firstly, there is no need for a guarantor or collateral when you plan to have your own credit card. This makes the process of getting your credit card more easy, problem-free and simple which is something you can never get when filling these loan forms.

      You need a credit card in 2020 to built your credit score. This just means that when you finally need to get that credit to buy a car or house, your loan officer will know you are best for your money, mainly if you have a high credit score.

      How to get a credit card in Nigeria online tips

      Conclusion best credit cards in Nigeria

      Credit can be an extremely helpful tool in managing your everyday finances, offering a flexible payment choice that can make your financial life simple. Responsible use of credit cards Nigeria is also a vital step toward establishing a best credit history, which will provide you financial benefit now and in the future. Best credit history leads to a right credit score, which is typically used by banks and other business to plan if you are someone who is liable with money.