How to get data plan of Airtel Rwanda internet packages / bundles


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Airtel Rwanda Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

Below is the list of every Airtel Rwanda data plans and prices / Airtel Rwanda internet packages. Tigo replaced the game when it entered the market in Rwanda in 2008. Their coverage it was as best as MTNs, but they offered pretty lower rates. Airtel Bought Tigo in 2017 and Tigo was merged with Airtel. In the intermediate time it was known as Airtel-Tigo. In 2017 Airtel spread SIM card validity for all prepaid customers from six months to two years. Previously, all customers had to reload their credit every six months to keep their SIM cards active. Find below cheap Airtel Rwanda data bundles price:

Here is how to get Airtel Rwanda data bundles, plans and prices / Airtel Rwanda internet packages

Airtel Rwanda data plans and price

Default Airtel Rwanda data bundles rate is lowered to ten RWF per MB. They provide these promotional Airtel Rwanda data plans for the newly combine network on 3G and 2G:

Airtel Rwanda data plans      



50 MB

Airtel Rwanda Data Plans: 24 hours

100 RWF

120 MB

200 RWF

500 MB

500 RWF

1.5 GB

1000 RWF

1 GB

Airtel Rwanda Weekly Data Plans: 7 days

1000 RWF

3 GB

2000 RWF

10 GB

5000 RWF

1.5 GB

Airtel Rwanda Monthly Data Plans: 30 days

2000 RWF

3.5 GB

3000 RWF

7 GB

5000 RWF

30 GB

10,000 RWF

65 GB

21,000 RWF

95 GB

30,000 RWF

125 GB

40,000 RWF

Airtel Rwanda Internet Speed

Peak Speed: 
Average internet browsing speed: 

Airtel Rwanda internet packages information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.