How to get data plan of Etisalat Egypt internet packages / bundles


Data Plan, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices

Etisalat Egypt Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and prices

Below is the list of every Etisalat Egypt data plans and prices / Etisalat Egypt internet packages. Etisalat is the little of the 3 provider with a market share of twenty-two percent. It provides best coverage in some places, but has spaces and slow speeds in others. They gather their own hotspots in their products. Find below cheap Etisalat Egypt data bundles price and buy data online now.

Here is how to get Etisalat Egypt data bundles, plans and prices / Etisalat Egypt internet packages

Etisalat Egypt data plans and prices

The default Etisalat Egypt internet packages data rate is at LE 0.50 per MB on all of their prepaid items. These monthly Etisalat Egypt data plans for twenty-eight days can be activated:

Etisalat Egypt Data Plans Package        


Soc. Media        



Connect 10

350 MB

350 MB

LE 10


Connect 20

750 MB

750 MB

LE 20


Connect 35

1.5 GB

1.5 GB

LE 35


Connect 65

3.25 GB

3.25 GB

LE 65


Connect 130

10 GB


LE 60


Connect 200

16 GB


LE 100


Connect 300

25 GB


LE 300



For social media they sell a super social unlimited plan at LE 15 with 1GB for Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and SnapChat and 100 MB for other sites.

Etisalat Egypt Internet Speed

Peak Speed: 
Average internet browsing speed: 

Etisalat Egypt data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.