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      MTN Uganda Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

      Below is the list of every MTN Uganda data plans and prices / MTN Uganda internet packages. MTN is the market monster in Uganda with more than ten million customers, roughly half of the national user base. Prepaid SIM cards are accessible in MTN store and sales outlets in the country. There is a stand/shop at the Entebbe airport in the hall where you get your luggage. They will scan your passport, take an image f you, you demand domestic cash. Find below cheap MTN Uganda data bundles price:

      Here is how to get MTN Uganda data bundles, plans and prices / MTN Uganda internet packages

      MTN Uganda data plans and prices

      Default MTN Uganda data plan rate is 0.8 UGX per Kb. A monthly 15 Kb data is free of charge to all customers who use their first thirty MB of the month. For more better include one of these MTN Uganda data plans:

      MTN Uganda data plans




      60 MB

      MTN Uganda Data Plans: 60 mins

      500 UGX


      1 GB

      MTN Uganda Data Plans: 0-6am

      2,000 UGX


      15 MB

      MTN Uganda Data Plans: 24 hours

      250 UGX


      40 MB

      500 UGX


      100 MB

      1,000 UGX


      300 MB

      2,000 UGX


      1 GB

      5,000 UGX


      25 MB

      MTN Uganda Monthly Data Plans: 30 days

      1,500 UGX


      300 MB

      5,500 UGX


      600 MB

      10,000 UGX


      3 GB

      20,000 UGX


      10 GB

      50,000 UGX


      30 GB

      100,000 UGX


      2 GB

      MTN Uganda Monthly Data Plans: 90 days

      30,000 UGX


      10 GB

      75,000 UGX


      30 GB

      150,000 UGX



      MTN Uganda Internet Speed

      Peak Speed:
      Average internet browsing speed:

      MTN Uganda data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.