How to get data plan of Smile Nigeria internet packages / bundles

Smile Nigeria Dataplan, Bundles, Subscription Codes and prices

Here is the list of every Smile Nigeria data plans and prices / Smile Nigeria internet packages / bundles. Founded in 2007 and incorporated in Mauritius, Smile Telecom holding ltd owns and runs 4G/LTE mobile broadband network in the 800 MHz band in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania. Find cheap Smile Nigeria data bundle prices:

Their Smile super value starter pack is accessible for ₦ 1,000 in their stores. It contains thirty days access to social network websites as well as online browsing and thirty mins + 30 SMS to any number. Data speeds are once reduced once seven-hundred MB usage is reached.

Here is how to get Smile Nigeria data plans and prices / Smile Nigeria internet packages / bundles

  • Smile Nigeria Daily Data plans: 3 GB for 30 days: ₦ 3,000

  • Smile Nigeria Yearly Data plans: 10 GB for 12 months: ₦ 9,000

  • Smile Nigeria Monthly Data plans: 15 GB for 30 days: ₦ 10,000

  • Smile Nigeria Yearly Data plans: 20 GB for 12 months: ₦ 17,000

  • Smile Nigeria Yearly Data plans: 50 GB for 12 months: ₦ 36,000

  • Smile Nigeria Yearly Data plans: 100 GB for 12 months: ₦ 70,000

  • Smile Nigeria Yearly Data plans: 200 GB for 12 months: ₦ 135,000

  • Smile Nigeria Monthly Data plans: 7 GB add-on for 30 days: ₦ 5,000

Smile Nigeria Internet Speed

Peak Speed: 
Average internet browsing speed: 

Smile Nigeria data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.