How to get data plan of Smile Uganda internet packages / bundles


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Smile Uganda Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

Below is the list of every Smile Uganda data plans and prices / Smile Uganda internet packages. Finally, smile actually released the first 4G/LTE network in Uganda in 2013 on the eight-hundred MHz frequency.  In 2016, they cover Entebbe, Kampala, Wakiso, Masindi, Fort Portal, Jinja, Mbale, Soroti, Lira, Gulu, and Tororo. Be aware that this is just in cities and not very perfect for visitors. You do not have a fallback to 3G or 2G, but stays on 4G/LTE only. Where you coverage, you will obtain quick speeds. Find below cheap Smile Uganda data bundles price:

Here is how to get Smile Uganda data bundles, plans and prices / Smile Uganda internet packages

Smile Uganda data plans and prices

These Smile Uganda data plans for 4G/LTE can be included to the SIM plan:

Smile Uganda data plans          


   max. Speed   


1 GB

Smile Uganda Data Plans: 0-6am

2 Mbps

3,000 UGX

100 MB

Smile Uganda Data Plans: 24 hours

2,000 UGX

200 MB

3,000 UGX

300 MB

4,500 UGX

500 MB

7,000 UGX

1.5 GB

12,000 UGX

1+1* GB

Smile Uganda Weekly Data Plans: 7 days

4 Mbps

6,000 UGX

2+2* GB

12,000 UGX

5+5* GB

26,000 UGX


42,000 UGX


52,000 UGX


2 Mbps

63,000 UGX

1 GB

Smile Uganda Monthly Data Plans: 30 days         

32,000 UGX

27 GB

4 Mbps

179,000 UGX

500 MB

21 Mbps

20,000 UGX

1.5 GB

40,000 UGX

3 GB

75,000 UGX

5 GB

90,000 UGX

10 GB

145,000 UGX

20 GB

250,000 UGX

50 GB

300,000 UGX

100 GB

520,000 UGX

200 GB

1,020,000 UGX

Smile Uganda Internet Speed

Peak Speed: 
Average internet browsing speed: 

Smile Uganda data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.