How to get data plan of Telkom South Africa internet packages / bundles


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Telkom South Africa Data Bundles, Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

Below is the list of every Telkom South Africa data plans and prices / Telkom South Africa internet packages. Telkom is a South African-based telecommunication firm with the fourth network in the country. It entered the market in 2010 and was known as 8ta before, but has been rebranded into Telkom. It provides the affordable rates for data in the country of any network operator while it coverage is less too. Telkom agents can get pretty strict about the RICA registration and sometimes demand a proof for the given address which is difficult to do for visitors. If you have been rejected, go somewhere else and try your luck or bring something written your address and name on it. Find below cheap Telkom South Africa data bundles price:

Here is how to get Telkom South Africa data bundles, plans and prices / Telkom South Africa internet packages

Telkom South Africa data plans and prices

•    5 MB: R7.30 
•    50 MB: R14.65 
•    100 MB: R29.25 
•    250 MB: R39.50 
•    500 MB: R69.60 
•    1 GB + 1 GB (midnight-7am): R100 
•    2 GB + 2 GB (midnight-7am): R140 
•    3 GB + 3 GB (midnight-7am): R201 
•    5 GB + 5 GB (midnight-7am): R301 
•    10 GB + 10 GB (midnight-7am): R505 
•    20 GB for 6 months: R905 
•    50 GB for 12 months: R1815 
•    100 GB for 12 months: R3227

Telkom South Africa Internet Speed

Peak Speed: 
Average internet browsing speed: 

Telkom South Africa data bundles information above, prices and subscription codes are valid as per our last update 2020.