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Kampala Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Kampala Coach online booking made easy. Kampala Coach Uganda is a passenger bus company that travels to Bukob, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Juba, Dodoma, and as far as Zambia, Malawai, Mozambique and many other places all the way from Kampala city. Kampala bus company provides reliable, quick, safe and perfect journeys from Kampala to be above mentioned destinations via Kampala Coach online bus ticket booking.

Kampala Coach Online Booking FAQs

What are famous the routes & average fares covered by Kampala Coach?

Kampala Coach average price list and routes 2020.

Kampala to Morogoro 155,000
Kampala to Dar es Salaam 165,000
Kampala to Nzega 100,000
Kampala to Kahama 80,000
Kampala to Singida 105,000
Kampala to Mwanza 65,000
Kampala to Bukoba 30,000
Kampala to Dodoma 125,000
Kampala to Chato 55,000
Kampala to Geita 55,000

All prices in Ugx, you can change to your country currency.

Kampala Coach bus service fleet line

Being one of the largest and Giant bus company in Uganda, Kampala coaches own a mix of fleet and they have Nissan UD, Scania, Zhongton and Chinese Yutong. 

Their buses are well designed for their customer relaxation and a lot of specs are accessible as listed below:

Two by two reclining seats with sufficient legsroom
Best sound system to play a best music and TV support
TV services to entertain you
Some of with the A/C like those Chinese one

What is the contact details of Kampala Coach Buses?

P.O.Box 3555 Kampala, Uganda
located at plot 152 khamis Rood, block 9 Kampala, Uganda 
Address: Gadafi Rd, Kampala, Uganda

Kampala Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

They have a daily scheduled services with Uganda for their domestic route and in East Africa as well but they have a specific day schedule in other country like Congo and Zambia.

They also transit parcel and little luggage at a fair prices to all the areas where they have a destinations or their buses passes via to their destinations.

Their booking offices and terminal placed at Old Kampala behind old Kampala police station.