Kapricon Royal Class Online Booking, Bus Tickets Reservation

Kapricon Royal Class Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Kapricon Royal Class online booking made easy. Kapricon Royal class offer daily passenger transfer service on Kapricon Royal Class bus tickets from the business city of Arusha to other areas in Tanzania. They are in the transport industry for more than 10 years serving the Northern area regions. So do Kapricon Royal Class online bus ticket booking now!

Kapricon Royal Class Online Booking FAQs

What is the timings and routes covered by Kapricon Royal Class buses?

•    Arusha to Mwanza
•    Arusha to Singida
•    Arusha to Mbeya via Iringa
•    Arusha to iringa via Dodoma
•    Mwanza to Iringa via Dodoma
•    Arusha to Tanga via Korogwe
•    Dar es Salaam to Singida via Dodoma

Kapricon Royal class fleet line

The firm is famous for their Scania buses which are most loved by those young visitors. These Scania buses are domestically built by Tanzania bus fabricators like Quality Group and Day Coach.

But as the matter of time, Kapricon bus company have made an innovation to their fleet list by including a Chinese brands. Now they have a zhongtong and Yutong buses in their list and offering Kapricon Royal Class Bus online booking.

The Chinese brands are latest and much more relax than their old brand. Below are some specs and services which are accessible on their buses:

•    USB charging port
•    TV services for entertainment
•    Two by two reclining seats with enough legroom
•    Sometimes AC services accessible
•    USB charging port
•    Soft drinks on some of their buses

What is the contact details of Kapricon Royal Class buses?

Kapricon Royal Class, Mawezni Street
P.O.box 1341, Moshi, Tanzania

Kapricon Royal Class Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

The firm have well established customer base from Arusha city to Southern Highland areas, central zone as well as Lake zone areas. They are now expanding their services to the Eastern area regions like Pwani, Dar es Salaam and Tanga.