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Book Morocco train tickets online fast and easy. Trains are the most famous forms of transportation in Morocco and it is best that ONCF train ticket booking Morocco is done in advance. ONCF Morocco train tickets are accessible at train stations in Morocco in the bigger cities and are called Routes and Rail passes or make easy ONCF/TGV online ticket booking in Morocco and save time and money. But for the most part, traveling by train in Morocco is a perfect experience and Moroccan train station are pretty simple to navigate.

ONCF Morocco train tickets online confirmed train reservations FAQs

How to buy train tickets in Morocco.

Traveling by train in Morocco / TGV online ticket booking

Train fares are pretty reasonably priced and travel between cities in Morocco is simple by train than bus or taxicab. The railway network that is owned by the state is called as the ONCF and the trains are pretty relax and well maintained. Morocco train stations have clear detail boards that shows times and platforms number in both Arabic and French. Cancellations and delays are also posted on the boards. When disembarking in one of the cities visitors will find many taxis  and buses waiting at the train station to transport them further.

There a few points for train travel in Morocco travelers should be alert of in regard to culture and etiquette when on the trains. Domestic visitors are extremely friendly and simple to talk to. Smokers are usually found in the corridors of the train vehicles, as this is the only location on the train that is viewed as an acceptable smoking place. If the train cars of the train do not have corridors, smokers will have to fight their craving until they have reached their place. Safety measures on book train tickets Morocco are the same as found anywhere in the planet. Pretty criminals also focus trains here, but if you are vigilant and keep your luggage and assets at your side at all times, you will have a safe journey. If you do incur any issues during the journey, train staff and police at the train stations will be capable to help you.

Where to buy train tickets in Morocco

In Morocco, it is simple to buy your Morocco railways train tickets in person or do Oncf online booking. You can get information on prices and timetables on the ONCF site, then just head to the closet train station to book cheap train tickets in Morocco, Casablanca. Be sure to bring cash! You might be capable to use credit cards, but do not count on it.

Most train routes run regularly so it is strange to have every seat out, but it is best to buy Oncf tickets in Morocco advance if you want to guarantee your place. The stations are forever centrally placed and you can buy bullet Tgv tickets in Morocco a few weeks in advance.

ONCF train ticket booking Morocco classes

When you do ONCF train ticket booking Morocco you should consider the class of ticket, which offer varying degree of affordability and relaxation.

Couchette: This is the most costly Morocco train tickets reservation, anyway, is also provides a visitors with the most relax ride. Couchette cabins are usually air conditioned and provide perfect sleeper accommodation. Couchette is particularly advised if travelling long distances or overnight journey.

First class: This is the advised way to travel on little tours. The seating is relax and pre-assigned, and the carriages are air conditioned.

Second class: This is the best Book high-speed train Tgv tickets in Morocco, and offered on first come first serve basis. 

First class or second class

You will find every train in Morocco separated into compartments, with 6 people in a first class compartment and 8 people in a second-class compartment. When you book for first-class, you will get a particular set booked for you. When you book second class, you will just find whatever seat is empty.

Morocco train tickets online fare

Since the prices are extremely reasonable, I would advise forever opting for first class. You can get travel fare for $20 here. Actually, you can get a 7 day pass for under $100 that will take you anywhere in the country.

If you are only traveling for 2 or 3 hours, the class is not truly a huge deal. When you are going overnight, first class is essential. Believe me, there is nothing worse than arriving at your place tired, hangry and sweaty.

Boarding the Oncf Tgv bullet train

Once you have your Morocco train tickets online or from a booking station, you can go to your train platform, which will be showed on a screen with all scheduled departures. You will go via a fast security screening and then you will head down an escalator to the train platform. First class is generally at either the very front or very back of the train, the train operators will help you where you should go.

Some of the trains have Casablanca as the beginning point, other trains are passing through. If  Casablanca is the beginning point,  you can book train tickets from Casablanca to Tangier in advance, then you can board the train and wait until departure. If the train is passing through, you want to be waiting on your right area of the platform because when the train arrives, it will just be stopped for a few little minutes.

Once in your car, check the cabins to view where your seat is placed. We found that people usually sit in their assigned seat, but, for example, seat 22 and 23 will be across from each other, which is the perfect if traveling as couple, so people will rearrange as required.
After that, it is quite smooth sailing. The trains themselves are quiet, clean and air conditioned. The train may make a few stops on the way to your place.

Food on the ONCF Train 

A refreshment cart makes its way via the train serving sandwiches, drinks and snacks. If you are traveling during Ramadan, anyway, bring your own supply of food. Do not get stuck on the seven hour train ride between Fes and Marrakech with just a half bottle of water and no snack or no food cart to be found. The trains truly do not stop at the stations long enough to nip out and purchase something.
Famous train stations in Morocco
It is vital to make sure that you are familiar with the travel system and routes within the city you are visiting. Most cities have one key station and one or two little train stations. Marrakech has one big station, whereas Casablanca has two. Casablanca key stations it he Casa Voyageurs and the little Casa Port Station does not have much rail traffic. The Mohammed V Airport in country has its own underground train station that can transport visitors to their places or linking destinations.

Casa Voyageurs station

As the key railway station in Casablanca, Casablanca, Casa Voyageurs stations attaches Casablanca to many places in Morocco, including Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Fes, Meknes, and El Jadida. With its high clock tower rising above the entrance, the station is simple for travelers to find, where tehy can be sure for efficient and safe transportation by train to their place of choice.

Casa Port station

The smaller of Casablanca 2 train stations, Casa Port Station is placed close to the city's port and mainly serves passengers trains traveling to Casablanca from the city of Kenitra. Trains travel from Casa Port to the key stations of Casa Voyageurs, Casablanca, and from there on to many other places.

Marrakech railway station

With its shinning white buildings in sharp contrasts with the backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, the Railway station of Marrakech is a landmark which is simple to find.