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Ngasere High Class Bus Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Ngasere High Class online booking made easy. For the luxury and relaxation travel between Mpwapwa and Dar es Salaam town, Ngasere high class is the answer for your needs. Ngasere high class is an intercity bus firm which offer intercity transfer service from Dodoma area to other parties within Tanzania. So do Ngasere High Class bus online bus ticket booking now!

Ngasere High Class Online Booking, Bus Tickets, Routes & Fares FAQs

What is the timings and routes covered by Ngasere High Class buses?

•    Mpwapwa to Iringa
•    Mpwapwa to Dar es salaam
•    Dodoma to Mpwapwa
•    Dodoma to Njombe
•    Dodoma to Mbeya

Ngasere High Class fleet line

Ngasere high class bus firm have class and new Chinese bus model in their fleet, they have a new and well maintained buses for Mbeya as well as Dar es Salaam route via Ngasere High Class bus tickets. Their aged buses just play those routes within Dodoma area mainly to the remote areas.

Most of their buses which play intercity routes are quite classic and new. They have new specs to provide you a relaxation travel and memorable trips whenever you pick to travel with them. Below are some specs accessible on their buses:

•    Two by two seating configuration
•    Seven TV on each
•    USB charging system accessible
•    Best sound system
•    AC
•    Free drinks on their buses

What is the contact details of Ngasere High Class buses?

Dodoma, Tanzania

Ngasere High Class Bus Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

They have been in the transport industry for a longtime serving Dodoma travellers before spreading their services to other big towns and cities via Ngasere High Class online booking. They have a well maintained new fleet with best customer support from their servants.

Customers can also transfer their parcels to all towns where their buses used go with a perfect price. Security of your parcel lies on the hand of the firm.