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Tiketi.com makes finding cheap bus tickets from Lagos to Jos easy. Trade between these 2 locations is more general than would be guessed given the distance, but both are pretty old cities that flourished even during the colonial age, so the bus Lagos to Jos route is well travelled, vehicles plying this route can have as much as seventy passengers per trip. The situation of the roads on this route are best. Get great deals on bus from Lagos to Jos online now.

Cheap Bus Tickets from Lagos to Jos FAQs

Which transport company to use for Lagos to Jos bus


Since the different transport firms have varying prices, this is a very vital factor to consider when picking what firm to use.


Apart from ABC transport that provides sprint service for customer in a hurry and who do not want to travel at night, all the other bus Lagos to Jos are coaches that travel at night. On this route, I would suggest night travel because of the length of the journey, and the fact that if you leave Lagos as early as 6am, you will still get to Jos around midnight.

Proximity to your home

This is not truly a big factor as the size of the bus Lagos to Jos  makes it impractical for them to pick and drop off passengers just anywhere, so most of the bus firms along this route have one designated terminals for boarding and approximately three to four for getting off when you get to Plateau State.

What is the average journey time from Lagos to Jos by bus?

This is full night cheap bus tickets from Lagos to Jos trip so it takes an average of eighteen to twenty hours, bus service is operated by Chisco Transport or ABC Transport.

Bus from Lagos to Jos Tips

Snack options

There is an extremely little snack choices on this trip as most fast food restaurants are not open full night, and vendors have to sleep, so this leaves with the random drinks sellers at filling station so I would suggest you to bring your own snacks.