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          Cheap Bus Tickets from Uganda to Tanzania Online Booking

          Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Uganda to Tanzania online now.

          Do cheap bus from Uganda to Tanzania bus online booking and save time and money. One of the most stunning experiences travelers go through during their holidays in Tanzania is to visit the largest city and former capital of Tanzania – Dar es Salaam, most popular National Parks in Africa and also Zanzibar Islands. Here is the guide on how to book bus tickets from Uganda to Tanzania:

          Bus from Uganda to Tanzania Bus Tickets, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

          What is the affordable way to get from Uganda to Tanzania?

          The affordable way to get from Uganda to Tanzania by bus. Cheap bus tickets from Uganda to Tanzania $55 -$75 and takes 28 50m.

          Is there a direct bus Uganda to Tanzania?

          No, there is no direct bus Uganda to Tanzania. Anyway, there are services departing from Kampala. The journey including transfers, takes about 28h 50m.

          Where do I take the Uganda to Tanzania bus from?

          Uganda to Tanzania bus services, run by MASH, depart from Kampala station.

          Fly or bus Uganda to Tanzania?

          The excellent way to get from Uganda to Tanzania is to fly which takes 2h 40m and costs $140 – $250. Alternatively, you can bus, Uganda to Tanzania bus fare $55 – $75 and takes 28h 50m.

          Book Bus Tickets from Uganda to Tanzania Tips

          Zanzibar Islands is pretty charming with some of the most amazing beaches in the full globe. There are also some pretty notable historical places to explore like the old Harbor, the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, and the Old Fort.

          The beaches of Bwejuu are generally missed by visitors who travel to Tanzania. Anyway, these beaches provide offer a remarkable experience with best views of the Indian Ocean, soft white sandy resorts and crystal clear water.

          Travelers who trip Tanzania should never also miss the possibility to explore the seaside of the country during the evening. Several fishers  in the country start their adventures with the sand at dawn and return with the sunset. Tanzania is also a remarkable place to enjoy different fish dishes in many fish markets over the country.