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Cheap online bus ticket booking in Southern Africa - book discounted bus tickets in Southern Africa and travel in Africa by road. The African continent is generally divided up into 5 regions namely Eastern Africa, Northern Africa, Western Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa. Some of the criteria may divided the Africa into 4 or they may contain the Horn of Africa as its own region and end up with 6 subdivisions. Easy and cheap Southern Africa online bus booking - compare bus prices and book online - save time and money.

Which countries are added in Southern Africa online bus booking?

Southern Africa is the Africa southernmost part and contains a number of nations.

Southern Africa countries are:

• Lesotho

• Botswana

• Mozambique

• Namibia

• South Africa

• Zimbabwe

• Zambia

• Swaziland

Southern Africa is house to many people and cultures, and was initially populated by native African San or indigenous, Pygmies and Khoikhoi is largely dispersed concentrations. Due to the Bantu increase is growth which edged the previous native African persons to the more remote areas of the area,  the bigger part of Africa ethnic groups in this area, speaks Bantu languages.

Explore the countries using cheap bus tickets Southern Africa

Getting around Lesotho by bus

Buses and shared taxis a best network of buses, minibuses shared taxis (known domestically as just taxis), private and sprinters or shared-car taxis covers most of the country. Minibuses taxis serve the big towns and many little places. Buses (affordable and slower) and sprinters (quicker and more costly) serve the big towns. There are no classes and service is decidedly no-frills.

Departures: Most Southern African bus are in the morning (usually, the longer the journey, the earlier the departure).

Northern Lesotho: Going to northeast from Maseru by shared taxi, you generally have to replace at Maputsoe.  

Tickets on bigger locals buses, although you will be quoted long-distance fares, it is top to book bus tickets Southern Africa. Most passengers will likely get off there, leaving you stuck waiting for the vehicle to fill up again while other share taxis and buses leave.  Buying tickets in stages is just slightly more costly than buying a direct ticket. It is not necessary to book a seat in advance.

Getting around Botswana by bus

Botswana has a big range of local buses which link the main towns together along the tarred roads. They are affordable, frequent, and a best way to meet local people, although they can also be uncomfortable, crowded, and noisy. In simple words, they are similar to any other local buses in Africa, and travel on them has both its frustrations and joy. So book bus tickets in Southern Africa now.

There are 2 different types: the little minibuses, generally VW combies, and the larger, longer, general buses. Both will serve the same places, but the little ones go quicker and stop less. Their bigger relatives will take longer to fill up before they leave the bus station, and then go slower and stop at more locations. For the little, quicker buses there is a premium of approximately twenty percent on top of the price.

Intercape bus

Intercape bus provides Johannesburg/Pretoria to Gaborone route.  It is also easy to attach from Cape Town and other cities in South Africa. You can do  Southern Africa online bus booking via Intercape, and make your payments online.

Mahube Express is a bus Southern Africa service based in Botswana which services routes into Zimbabwe and to South Africa capital city.

From Livingstone (Zambia) or Victoria Falls), it is easy to get a transfer vehicle take you to Kasane  and other locations around the Botswana town. Anyway, these tend to be a quite costly, mainly if there are only a few passengers at a time.

Getting around Mozambique by bus

Buses are the affordable mode of transportation in Mozambique but regular services just operate between big towns where roads are in motorable situation. In rural areas, people negotiate fares and rides on converted passenger trucks (chapa cems) or regular trucks (caminos). On the Southern Africa bus tickets online booking that do operate, carry water and food as the stops are literally  few and far between. Foreigners should also make sure all their travel documents are in order and must carry them on their person as the authorities check regular and strict check for documentation.

The bus service in the capital, Maputo is excellent than most and actually covers a big amount of area. The long-distance bus depot is an Avenida 24 de Julho just beyond 16 Praca de Junho in Maputo. In all cities, taxis are metered and drivers still guess to be tipped.

Chapas: Van taxis that stop generally to pick people up and will try extremely hard to overcharge you if you do not already know the price, and you will still overpay, that is a promise. They are generally set to depart at 4am and will drive around for several hours finding people to pick up before they leave. It is bad but it is just how it is. These vans are in best condition, and they are generally filled to way over capacity.

Getting around Namibia by bus

Travelling by Southern Africa online bus ticket bookings in Namibia is amazing. The network is not too costly. There is the intercape Mainliner which runs luxury buses on long-distance routes covering most of the key towns. They are relax, with refreshments accessible, toilets, videos, music and air conditioning that operate s from Cape Town to Windhoek in the south, and to Victoria Falls/ Zambia in the north, which is not bad at all if you truly do not want to arrive. But them, you will barely view anything unless you book trips.

City buses are not accessible in Namibia, but getting around town is simple with shared taxis and taxis. Those traveling long distance to and from big places can take a coach. One firm providing coach services all through all of Southern Africa is intercape Mainliner. Southern Africa buy bus and shuttle tickets prices are pretty reasonable for routes to and from Swakopmund, Windhoek and other cities.

Getting around South Africa by bus

There are several firms that run in the country including Intercape, Greyhound, and Baz bus, which caters mainly to backpackers.

Baz Bus operates a route form Johannesburg to Cape Town with several stops along the way. You can hop off or on whenever you want and can start your trip anywhere, bus as those 2 cities have big airports, most people begin in one or the other, or sometimes Durban. There is no restriction on how long you can take to go and from one end to the other.

One-way bookings bus and shuttle tickets in Southern Africa are accessible starting around 500 Rand (about $40) for the little journey, which takes about 2 hours, and increase from there.  For those looking to keep a bit of cash and use the bus to travel across the country, there is a twenty-one day pass, which runs 4,200 Rand. Baz bus is not a huge money saver, as the fares are more than the train and other bus firms, but it is a perfect choice for those who are happy to travel along the famous routes and meet other backpackers. The route contains the huge cities in South Africa, the famous Drakensberg mountain range, famous places along the coast, and the famous Garden Route in the Western Cape.

There are number of coach and bus operates, providing a big range of products for every price point. Some of these Southern Africa bus booking trip even contain being served biscuits and coffee with a selection of films to entertain you while en route to your place.

For one-off trips, Intercape and Greyhound serve different bus ports around the country. The buses are big, air-conditioned, relax and packed with locals, not backpackers. Be sure to bring along snacks, as the buses run on a strong schedule and most stops are extremely brief, if they happen at all.

Prices are more costly than Baz Bus for little journeys of 2 hours or so ($30 - $40), but affordable for longer journeys,  such as Durban to Cape Town), which takes 16 hours ($56). During the high season (December and July through August), you should do bookings bus and shuttle tickets in Southern Africa.

Getting around Zimbabwe by bus

A local bus service is accessible for visitors wanting to get around Zimbabwe. Express buses tend to run to fix timetables with Southern Africa bus booking, provide more in the way of luxury and are seen as more perfect. Southern Africa online bus ticket bookings services run from Harare to Bulaawyo and Mutare. Visitors to Victoria Falls can catch a bus from Bulawayo. An affordable choice is to wait for a domestic bus. This economy form of public transport can be a much more chaotic affair. Domestic buses only depart when full and provide little in the way of luxury for visitors.

International overnight buses and luxury coaches take passengers from Harare and Bulawayo to such cities as Johannesburg, providing an economical substitute to flying.  Do not forget to factor in the time if takes to get via border crossings, which can be slow.

Harare to Mutare by bus

From the city center of Harare, take a ten minute taxi ride to the Mutare bus station, which costs five dollars. It seems only non-air conditioned buses are accessible and they leave every hour starting at 8 am book bus tickets in Southern Africa will not be necessary. It is top to take the bus before lunchtime and ensure you do not arrive in Mutare very late. The journey takes four hours with one toilet stop-over in a local market. Buses from Harare to Mutare leaver every hour.

Upon arrival at the border, get off and walk to the immigration gate of Zimbabwe to have your passport stamped out. After this, bid Zimbabwe goodbye and continue walking to the Mozambique immigration side for approximately two-hundred meters.

Getting around Zambia by bus

There are several choices to travel around the country. Mini-buses are famous, but they are generally irregular and tide. They also leave on a fill-up, and the drivers will generally demand high price to increase profits.

Bigger coaches tend to be more safer and reliable, generally depart on time and book bus tickets Southern Africa accessible. They frequently leave from Lusaka to all the key towns. Additional, more relax western-style express buses operate along the big routes.

International connections online bus ticket booking in Southern Africa

There are international links from Lusaka to neighboring nations, the key corridors being Lusaka to Harare and Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and to Gaborone in Botswana through Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. There are even buses that move between Johannesburg and Lusaka, taking approximately twenty-six hours (via Pretoria and Masvingo). Most of these buses stop in Bulawayo as well. From Lusaka, there are also links to Windhoek, taking approximately twenty-seven hours and traveling through Botswana and Livingstone. Also,  direct buses link Lusaka with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, taking almost thirty hours to cover the distance through  cheapest bus services in Southern Africa.

Getting around Swaziland by bus

Minibuses shared taxis are the key form of public transport in Swaziland. They run almost everywhere, with continue stops en route. They leave when full; booking are necessary.

Local buses link villages and towns throughout the country. Moist begin and terminate at the main stop in central Mbabane; they are quite affordable than minibuses but are slow and  generally overcrowded.

Public buses

Public buses are probably the most perfect way to view the country because this is the key form of transport used by locals. Anyway, be prepared to experience the realities of Africa travel - public buses are generally overcrowded, unreliable and uncomfortable. They can also be a risky model of transport, so authorities in Swaziland advise visitors reject using them. If taking the public Southern African bus, there is a big network linking all the main towns across eSwatini making it simple to get around. The operators are privately-owned and will compete with each other for the key routes.

Skyworld, TransMagnific, Exclusive Shutter and Landmark Shuttles and tours run luxury minibus services from Mbabane to Johannesburg many times a day. The journey take about 5 hours and will cost R450 one way or R950 return. Services from and to Nelspruit and Durban are starting to spring up too, although it is advised to check the schedules as they do not presently run daily.

Bus timetables are not generally published, so the top way to get an idea of when Southern Africa online bus ticket bookings are due to arrive or depart is to ask a local.

Tips for traveling on bus tickets in Southern Africa

There are some safety measures that are valid for any travel around the planet, and that we would advise you apply when in Southern Africa, keep an eye on your luggage. Your large/heavy bags will most likely be stowed behind the bus you will be travelling on. Once you arrived at your place, be sure to stand nearby when the company employee or driver opens baggage hold and begins unloading the bags, as this is the most perfect moment for thieves to snatch baggage.

Here are some more tips for Southern Africa bus travellers:

Make friends

Traveling through public transportation means that you are in daily contact with country's most precious asset: its people. If you are alone, people are more likely to approach you, and the talks you have during the course of a minibus taxi ride can provide you a full perspective on the culture of a country. So book bus and shuttle tickets in Southern Africa now.


In general, this is the most vital standard to have when travelling. On African public transport anyway, you need it in bucket-loads. If you are the type of person whose blood-pressure rises at the mere thought of waiting twenty-minutes for a coffee, you are in for a hard time. Mostly, there truly is no substitute to just waiting it out.

Carry wet wipes and hand-sanitiser

There will be lots of various types of substances on your hands by the end of the day. Safe-guard against dust, germs, and stickiness by forever having a cleansing solution to hand.


Whatever the reason, snacks are important for bus trips, and quite fun too. When you pull into a huge town in Tanzania or Malawi, people rush to the bus selling food on poles: hard-boiled eggs, charred mielies, slap chips and bananas. Once you thrown down your cash, your purchase is hoisted up to the high bus window.