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Easy and cheap online bus ticket booking in West Africa. The continent of Africa is categorized by area, of which there are 5 in total. The areas of Africa contain East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, African Transition Zone, and the Equatorial Africa. Compare bus prices and book cheap bus tickets in West Africa online and save time and money.

Since Africa is such a big landmass, it helps to favor to countries as belonging to an area of Africa rather than using the blanket statement of Africa in general. In this page, we plan to talk on bus services in West Africa.

Which countries are added in West Africa online bus booking?

Western Africa countries are:

• Benin

• Burkina Faso

• Cameroon

• Cape Verde

• Gambia

• Ivory Coast

• Guinea Bissau

• Ghana

• Mali

• Liberia

• Niger

• Mauritania

• Nigeria

• Senegal

• Togo

• Sierra Leone


Explore the countries using online bus ticket booking in West Africa

Getting around Benin by bus

Buses are the most comfortable and reliable way to get around, mainly between cities in Natitingou and Benin to the north. Confort lines and ATT West African bus are better maintained and more perfect than those of other firms. They also have air-con. Buses almost forever operate with promised seating and fixed departures times, arrive early or book West Africa cheap bus tickets the day before to make sure you have a seat on your preferred service.

Getting around Burkina Faso by bus

The West African bus is the affordable way to get between cities in Burkina Faso. Lines serve big towns and trips are accessible regularly Bobo, Ouagadouga, Gaoura and Banfora. Roads are quite smooth, except in remote locations. Even the wealthy locals favor to ride the bus than drive long areas.

Bush taxi

Taxi-brousses (bush taxis) are generally beaten-up old vehicles that cover routes to old communities that big buses do not serve. Most depart from the gares  routières (bus stations); morning is the excellent time to find them. There are more-or-less  fixed West Africa bus booking prices, starting from CFA1000, that domestic people share. You can bargain if you are hiring one alone.

Getting around Cameroon by bus

Buses in the country are pretty relax and modern with some longer distance coaches even offering air-conditioning. Main routes travel between all big cities in Cameroon. Outside of these famous stops, visitors will have to settle for shared taxis or mini buses which are not as relax or convenient.  Bus taxis and minivans are no set schedule and leave whenever the vehicle is full. Even official bus firms rarely leave on time so be prepared for several days value of delays.

Taxi-brousses (bus taxis, which are shared private vehicles) are very famous in cheapest bus services in West Africa, mainly to some more remote places.

Note that, while they might be known as agences, gares routieres are sometimes motor parks, they are truly glorified vehicle parks for buses, that run all day and far into night.

Getting around Gambia by bus

Buses generally provide an efficient and effective means of public transportation structure.  They are affordable in most cases and have depots all around the city of Banjul. Most buses also link the with big settlements in the northern areas of the country. Going on buses can sometimes be sad,  mainly in a high traffic jam, but it is the most favorite type of transport for many when travelling out of city or town. The Gambia Transport company is the key stakeholder in the sector, with its fleet linking the city with big towns across the country and beyond. West Africa online bus ticket bookings and travelling can be an adventure, and prices are reasonable and affordable. Similarly, private trip buses also operate in this place, providing simple access to visitors from their hotels to locations of interest.

Ensure you are alert of the relatively hard schedules the buses keep. You can ask your locals or hotels for more information about book bus tickets in West Africa and services in the Gambia.

Getting around Ivory Coast by bus

A very best network of buses and bush-taxis services Cote d Lvoire, and the roads are usually in repair. Most towns on the bus network contain Grand-Bassam, Ferkessedougou, Bouake, Sassandra, Korhogo, Odienne, Yamoussoukro and man. Buses follow more reliable departure schedules, are less prone to overcrowding and are affordable, but bush-taxis may have the benefit of flexibility and cover less famous places.  It is not generally value the issue renting a car since it is very costly and not a considerable improvement over the more-than sufficient bus network. Daily routes between neighboring Western Africa capitals with West Africa cheap bus tickets, while inter-city travel is reliable and relax. Several bus lines run via Abidjan and while they are affordable and they can simply get crowded, making taxis the more logical option for visitors.

Getting around Guinea Bissau by bus

Guinea-Bissau does not have a well developed rail system, but the long distance bus services quite reliable.  Further to taca-tocas that ply the city streets, buses serving long routes are accessible. The key bus station in Bissau can be found at the back of Banco Central dos Estados de Africa Ocidental, airport road right. If you are going to the Biomba or Prabis areas, anyway, you will need to go the second bus station placed in Estrada de Bor. The buses does not have fixed schedules and West Africa online bus booking services. Take note that most locals travel early in the morning, causing vehicles to fill up more fast during rush hours.

Getting around Ghana by bus

Intercity buses run both international and domestic services to various cities in Ghana and some west African cities with West Africa bus tickets online. Buses carry goods and passengers to and from regional capital including Sunyani, Kumasi, Cape Coast, Takoradi, Bolgatanga, and a few area capitals like Paga, Tema, Ahenkro, Dormaa, an d Tarkwa. International services link big cities in neighboring nations like Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Cotonou in Benin, Lome in Togo, and Abidjan in Ivory Coast. Comfortable and reliable bus services contain intercity state transport company QA, VIP transport and Metro Pass.

It is excellent to book in advance, mainly on the more famous routes. On Sunday, buses run less continually. You will be charged for luggage, and a little tip will be guessed for loading.

Getting around Mali by bus

Buses link Mali to Burkina Faso, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Niger. Bani, Bitter and Banimonotie offer the most reliable services between big Malian cities. The country's two bus lines attach cities along the key paved loop in the south and north. All firms charge roughly the same fares, but trip lengths change dramatically and are very unpredictable as the bus travel at various speeds, breakdown or stop to help other vehicles in need of repair.

Bright green minibuses known as sotramas are Bamako main inner-city buses and the favorite means of transportation among locals as they cost a fraction of taxi prices. Although sotramas can be chaotic and noise, but they are generally reliable.

Getting around Liberia by bus

Bush taxis go daily from Monrovia to most places, including Ganta, Gbarnga, Buchaan, Sierra Leone border and Sanniquellie, although distant routes are severely limited during the rainy season. Minivans (known as buses) also ply most big routes, although they are more dangerous and crowded than bush taxis.

Getting around Niger by bus

There are no railroads in Niger, it is just possible to travel long distance of the country by bus. Niger has a recently introduced bus service along big routes in the country, linking big cities and towns. Prior to this, and still in operation, are private minivans. These little vans are notoriously uncomfortable and unreliable, and can take a long time. If you are going a long distance you are better off seeking one of the bigger government buses, which are secure to travel on the unmaintained roads, and also carry security guards for personal safety at nigh time. In cities and towns there also be a selection of private minibuses operating certain more famous routes with West Africa online bus ticket bookings, but as a visitor you may be better off traveling little distances by taxi.

Getting around Mauritania by bus

There are no public buses in Mauritius, but there is a handful of private bus firms that run routes between a few cities. Most of the vehicles are minibuses. Some of the most famous firms which run on the route between Nouakchott and Nouadhibou include LTM, El Bouragh and MT Global. West Africa buy bus and shuttle tickets services are famous with locals so visitors should expect to board vehicles which are packed to capacity and beyond. Do not be upset if your luggage on top of the vehicle as this is general way to make area for more passengers.

Getting around Nigeria by bus

Getting around is relatively simple, except there could be delays due to traffic jams within most big cities. There are multitudes of buses and coaches that will take you to any part of country you want (ABC Transport services famous for its services among others). Lagos state administration also run a transit system (BRT buses) which serves Lagos metropolis.

Getting around Senegal by bus

Minibuses and buses run on the routes between Kaolack, Dakar, Ziguinchor and to the other locations in Senegal. Bus fares cost less than bush  taxis, but you have to pay plus for the baggage. If easy, avoid the jam-packed, battered minibuses misleadingly known as cars rapides that crawl along to their places. An excellent mode of long distance travel is on a taxi brousse or bush taxi. These operate on the main routes, are big vans with 3 rows of seats and are usually more safe, relax, and dependable than the minibus or bus services.

Getting around Togo by bus

There are many chances to travel overland from Togo to neighbouring nations. Bush taxis and buses run the route between Cotonou and Lome in Benin, taking approximately three hours. Buses travel from Lome to Ouagadougou and Niamey as well. Bush and minibuses taxis take a lot longer and stop in more locations. It is also easy mostly to cross border with bus taxis between the nearest towns on both sites of the border. From Lome, it is a little hop across the border to Ghana where you can take onward transport by bush taxi to Accra. Bookings bus and shuttle tickets in West Africa to Abidjan in Cote d lvoire also go through Accra.

Although Togo has a railroad network, there are presently no passenger train services in working. There is a south-north route from Lome to Cinkasse that is served by a air-conditioned, big bus famous as the Climatize bus. There are also sometimes private bus tourist services, so forever ask your hotel about choices when planning your itinerary.

Getting around Sierra Leone by bus

Government buses are accessible to all the big cities in Sierra Leone. You can now book bus shuttle and bus tickets in West Africa.

There are a few private bus services that attach big towns in Sierra Leone, but the most famous service, run by the administration, is the Road Transportation Corporation.  Buses charge a quite more than most other public transport choices, and usually only have one departure time per day. Such bus services are not as famous locally, anyway, as there are affordable and quicker modes like bush taxis and poda-podas.

Poda-Podas and bus taxis attach most towns, anyway, except for departures to and from Freetown and between Kenema and Bo, you will find that traffic is generally pretty sparse, mainly on Sunday. Buses will generally cost a quite less, but they are slower.