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Taxi in Kigali Rwanda Booking

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Online taxi services in Kigali booking made easy. Taxis are accessible twenty-four hours a day at Kigali Airport. They are mostly white with a horizontal color strip. Here are the advantages of using a taxi app in Kigali on your Smartphone and how to you can book taxi in Kigali Rwanda online:

Taxi Services in Kigali, Routes & Fares FAQs

What is the cost of taxi in Kigali airport to city centre?

Taxis Kigali are not metered but a fare within city center costs, on average, RFR 3000 to RFR4000, and double that to the suburbs or later at night. A tour to the airports costs a standard RFR10,000.
If you are more than three people than taking a taxi is both safer and affordable than taking separate motors. Taxi in Kigali drivers, though tend to be more prone to give you muzungu price so be prepared to negotiate beforehand. Usually you will end up paying around RWF 3,000 for a 10 minute taxi ride.

Things to consider before cab booking via taxi app in Kigali from airport

There are a few things to be considered before you booking a Kigali taxi service, ensure you consider all of these vital things to make sure you have relaxing ride and reject any obstacle.


In order to operate a taxis Kigali service, the taxi service provider must have license, whenever you are hiring a one, you should check the license and confirm it for your own safety before you go on ride.
Background check on drivers
For a safety ride to your place, you should not forget to do a background check on the Kigali taxi driver. Doing a checking and inspection support to know about the driver if he is experienced and trained enough to drive passengers and thoroughly provide by the taxi service provider or not. You will also be capable to check if the drivers hold any criminal records.

Transportation fare

Price is one of the most vital things to watch out for whenever you are hiring a Kigali taxi service. You need to check the taxi price in Kigali and discounts accessible. Further, you should also match the fare rates of other taxi services to ensure you are paying best price.

Taxi App in Kigali Rwanda Booking Tips

Most taxis Kigali do not have meters and any race in Kigali or outside Kigali must be negotiated with the drivers before go into the vehicle. The official taxi price in Kigali, from the Airport RWF 2500 for the first kilometers traveled and 600 RWF per add-on kilometer. At the end of 2018, Uber declared its establishment in Rwanda. The activities of the American firm VTC should begin in the first half of 2019.

There are 2 big safe taxi Kigali companies. There is Yego cabs which is the regular one, you will know it by it yellow and white coloured and Toyota Carina Es with Yego Cabs written in red.