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Online top up Kenya FAQs

What is an airtime top up Kenya?

All prepaid mobile phones need “credit”, “talktime” or airtime so the user can make calls, use data and send texts. This airtime must be bought before the cell phone is used. Although prepaid phones can help to reject expensive phone bill at the end of the month, it does mean if the user runs out of airtime, they cannot use the phone until they have mobile top up Kenya.

Delivering airtime to Kenya permits those in lots of nations around the earth to top up the phones of family and friends, working or traveling in Kenya. The airtime is recharged almost quickly which makes it remarkable to stay in touch. It also means those in Kenya do not have to spend their time searching for somewhere to mobile top up Kenya.

How mobile top up Kenya work?

•    Enter the number of the recipients phone
•    Pick the amount of airtime you want to send
•    Pay for the online airtime
•    Both you and the recipient will get SMS alert once the top-up is done

You can complete the transaction from any gadget, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or PC, and you will get very competitive exchange rates and zero fees.

How to buy Airtime through M-Pesa

There are lots of ways of topping up your line with airtime, but the most famous one is via scratch cards. Anyway, going to the shops and scratching the cards is a job for some, so it is general practice for folks to airtime top up Kenya via mobile money wallets and buy airtime from there at any time they want and quick.

How to top up Kenya phone via M-Pesa

1.    Go to the M-Pesa Menu
2.    Pick paybill
3.    Enter business number
4.    Account: Your Telksom mobile number
5.    Dial-in the amount
6.    Enter your M-Pesa pin and then send top up Kenya

Using Airtel Money top up menu

1.    Pick make payment
2.    Select pay bill then other
3.    Under business name enter PasaPal
4.    Enter amount
5.    Enter your Airtel Money pin for telkom Kenya airtime top up
6.    Under reference enter your Telkom mobile number

How can the Kenya phone recharge be used?

Once you have done your airtime Kenya phone recharge, it will almost fast transferred to the recipient phone. They will be capable to use the airtime credit to make calls, use data, and send texts, but they will not be capable to transfer the airtime back into cash.

Advantages of Kenya phone recharge online

Convenience. You can simply buy airtime top up Kenya for people in your home country.

Flexibility. Prepaid plans permit you to top up sim cards online. They do not come with obligations such as early termination charges, having to say with one provider, and fixed monthly plans.

Affordability. You do not have to pay any monthly bill. Online top up Kenya prepared mobile recharge rates are pocket friendly.

Availability.  You can do a recharge transaction at any time, you will love instant airtime top up Kenya.