How to pay for things in Ghana and safe online payment methods


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How to pay for things in Ghana

What is the best way to pay for things in Ghana? Here's how to pay for things in Ghana and the most secure online payment methods in Ghana.

Offline and online payment methods in Ghana

Best way to pay for things in Ghana

In Ghana, it seems every individual is a businessperson. Buyers and sellers are everywhere. Shopping experience range from a person walking the street with a couple of shirts to shopping malls and elegant designer boutiques.

How to pay for things in Ghana

•    Ghana is basically a cash society
•    ATMs are sprouting everywhere in the cities, and work with global networks.
•    Mobile money, or MoMo for short, is a very general technique for exchanging cash. This needs a local phone number, or you can visit a MoMo Kiosk.
•    When exchanging cash, bigger denomination bills fetch an excellent exchange rate.
•    Credit cards can be used at upscale places in Accra, Kumasi and a couple of the bigger coastal cities, but are mostly useless outside of these places. They are more likely to work in an ATM machine.

How to pay for things in Kenya with credit cards

•    American Express and Visa are the most generally accepted credit cards in Ghana for best way to pay for things in Ghana.
•    Mastercard is not general in Ghana.
•    Card usage is quite limited due to fraud hence cards are only used at upscale restaurants and hotels, established ATMs and supermarkets.
•    Visa debit cards can be applied to withdraw money in most ATMs in full country.

Mobile payment

This is the top pick, perfect and safe, and simple to use.
•    Mobile payment systems
•    Vodafone cash
•    MTM mobile money
•    Tigo cash
•    Airtel money

Online payment methods in Ghana

•    Myghpay
•    PayPal
•    iPay

Offline and online payment methods in Ghana tips  - tips for first-time visitors/tourists

Currency of Ghana

The currency of Ghana is the cedi. The word cedit got from the Akan word for the cowrie shell, which was largely used for currency long ago. The cedit is prefixed GHC, or by the C symbol.

Cedis can just be obtained in Ghana. They cannot be converted anywhere except in Ghana and neighboring nations.

Why is mobile money so popular in Ghana

One of the key reasons why mobile money services are increasingly famous is their ease. Mobile money subscribers enjoy the ease of having instant access to their cash at anytime and anywhere. So, there is no need to join long queues at the bank to deposit or withdraw money.

The rise of the mobile moneys popularity also offers employment opportunities.  It provides unemployed individuals the chance to work with service providers as registered merchants or agents.