How to pay for things in Nigeria and safe online payment methods


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How to pay for things in Nigeria

What is the best way to pay for things in Nigeria? Here's how to pay for things in Nigeria and the most secure online payment methods in Nigeria.

Offline and online payment methods in Nigeria

Cash was long King in Nigeria despite more than a decade of efforts to bring cashless choices to consumers.

The reason were simple: Cash is trusted and known, and consumers preferred paying bills in person with cash. That is until COVID-19 hit.

In this section, we are going to show you the 7 Ways to Pay for Goods and Services Online as a Nigerian. They are the top payment techniques for online Nigerian shoppers.

Best way to pay for things in Nigeria

How to pay for things in Nigeria with credit cards

Credit cards are increasingly accepted at top-end and midrange tourist restaurants and hotels and also as preferred online payment methods in Nigeria. Typically Visa/Master Debit cards are the cards issued by Nigeria by their different banks. It is also known as ATM cards. Yeah, you can use them to pay for the product you want to buy online. MasterCards and Visa cards are supported by over eighty percent of online shopping sites.

Disposable/credit cards

Using a virtual or credit card to pay for goods online is one of the most safe payment techniques. Virtual cards can be used just once and then it expires, this way, no one can be capable to trace your key card details or use them for fraudulent activities.

Dollar cards

This is similar to the Master Card and Visa for how to pay for things in Nigeria. Anyway, the difference is that not all banks offer their customer with this particular card type. Dollar cards are generally linked with domiciliary accounts, you must have a dorm account to have a dollar card.


This is the most general and largely used, secured payments technique. PayPal is hundred percent safe to use as your payment technique whenever you online shop.
Almost all the internet shopping sites worldwide support the use of PayPal as a payment technique. To use this as your preferred technique of payment, simply pick "PayPal" during the checkout process.


In case you have a Payoneer account with funds within which you intend to use and pay for the goods you online buy, you can use the Payoneer Mastercard to complete all your internet payments.

VCC (Virtual Credit Card)

Another famous technique to complete payment for services and goods is the use of virtual credit cards. You can get a trustworthy VCC, fund it and use it to pay for the stuff you online buy.

Offline and online payment methods in Nigeria tips

Gift cards

Gift cards are the most famous technique to complete internet payments on platforms/sites that support them. They are valid only for these platforms/sites that are issuing them.