How to pay for things in Rwanda and safe online payment methods


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How to pay for things in Rwanda

What is the best way to pay for things in Rwanda? Here's how to pay for things in Rwanda and the most secure online payment methods in Rwanda.

Offline and online payment methods in Rwanda

How to pay for things in Rwanda with credit cards

Credit cards are increasingly accepted at top-end and midrange tourist restaurants and hotels and also as preferred online payment methods in Rwanda. The Rwanda Tourism information Centre office in Kigali also accept them, as do must national park offices (via lines are sometimes down at these).


Banks all cities and towns have ATMs, but not all work with foreign credit cards. The notable exceptions are the GT Bank, Bank of Kigali, and  Ecobank, which work with both MasterCard and Visa.


Bank all through the country can exchange euros and US dollars, although they can be extremely slow to do so. Most people use the foreign exchange bureaus in Kigali and other bigger towns instead, and this is pretty safe. Foreign-exchange bureaus also provide slightly excellent rates.

Rwanda, like other African nations, it is very particular on which notes it will or will not accept. Anything looks crinkled, deemed too dirty or tatty will not be accepted. Denominations of $50 and or $100 are preferred. 

If you bring American dollars, note that you would not truly need to replace them, as most activities can be paid in American dollars and almost all hotels accept US dollars.

Travel cheques

Use American Express ones only. All the others you will have difficult time getting money or no money at all. You will pay a charge for exchanging them into cash. Plus in spite of advises from American Express, you will need proof of purchase and passport to verify ownership of the cheques you want to be cashed. You will also get a lesser exchange rate than using Cash.

The limited number of banks in Rawana accepts Travellers Cheques. This is the best way how to pay for things in Rwanda.

Money transfers

Best to use WorldRemit, Money Gram or Western Union since you will get the money. Bank to bank takes much longer and is harder to get. Money transfers such as Western Union will be paid out in Rwandan Fabrics. WorldRemit is actually your top bet,  it definitely cost less than Western Union.

You can now use WorldRemit or Western Union and send money directly to someone using an MTN phone in Rwanda and they got and get the money from an agent in Rwanda. The top way to send money to you is to use WorldRemit.

Offline and online payment methods in Rwanda - tips for first-time visitors/tourists

The unit of currency is the Rwanada fran. It is divided into hundred centimes. Notes come in RFr100, RFr500, RFr5000, and RFr10,000 denominations. Coins comes in RFr50, RFr20, and RFr10.