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SGR Nairobi to Voi Train Tickets Online Booking

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SGR train from Nairobi to Voi online booking made easy. Voi is the main town in Taita-Taveta region in southern Kenya, in the ex-coast province. It places at the western edge of the Taru desert, west and south of the Tsavo East National park. The Sagala hills are to the south. Here is the guide on how to book SGR Nairobi to Voi train tickets online booking:

SGR Train from Nairobi to Voi Online Booking, Train Tickets, Route, Schedule & Fare FAQs

How much is SGR from Nairobi to Voi?

Kenya railways runs a train from Nairobi to Voi once daily. SGR fare from Nairobi to Voi $7 – $22 and the journey takes 3h 50m.

How many hour’s drive from Nairobi to Voi?

Distance between Voi and Nairobi is 304 kilometers. Driving distance from Nairobi and Voi is 330 km.

Is the quickest way to get from Nairobi to Voi by train?

The fastest way to get from Nairobi to Voi by train and fly which costs $210 and $490 and takes 4h 5m.

How to book sgr booking via Mpesa from Nairobi to Voi online

1)    Go to

2)    Pick the preferred train

3)    Pick the starting station (Voi, Kibwezi, Email, Athi River, Nairobi, Mtitio Andei)

4)    Book the seat and ticket

5)    And pay sgr prices from Nairobi to Voi

SGR Nairobi to Voi Train Tickets Online Booking Tips

Voi has 2 railway stations. The first and the oldest station, likes on the Kenya-Uganda railway which is built by the British 1895 and 1900 connecting the port of Mombasa with Uganda. This station also forms the junction between the key line and a little, now abandoned line to Taveta at the Tanzania border. The second, newer, railway station connects the Mombasa-Nairobi standard gauge railway. The passenger train the newer railway line has a daily stopover in Voi. Passenger serves on the old, British built railway  ceased in 2017 May via limited cargo services continue on that line.