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Simba Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Simba Coach online booking made easy. The Kenyan intercity bus company, Simba Coach, provides public transport services. It serves key cities and other towns within the country. The Simba Coach company boasts of being one of the oldest bus businesses in the country with booking offices well distributed across the country. The firm increased its area of operation to other East African countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Simba Coach online bus ticket booking saving you money and time.

Simba Coach Online Booking FAQs

What is the Simba Coach bus routes?

•    Mombasa to Busia
•    Mombasa to Malaba
•    Mombasa to Nairobi
•    Mombasa to Kitale
•    Nairobi to Ukunda
•    Mombasa to HomaBay
•    Nairobi to Malindi
•    Nairobi to Mpeketoni

Simba Coach Fleet & Amenities

Simba coach uses Scania and Golden Dragon Bus models, with having amazing red carpet that is aimed at providing passengers the red-carpet treat. Further to this, the buses have recliner seats that make sure customers comfort all through the journey.

They also have an LCD big-display placed for the VIP customers. Some of them has four other LCD screens, placed between the seats to stop straining of back-benders passengers trying to have a Glimpse on the front Television.

Simba Coach Coach Timings

Simba Coach’s travel schedule 2020.

Bus Route                          Departure            Time Price

Mombasa – Nairobi            09.30 PM             Ksh.1000 – Ksh.1200

Mombasa – Malaba           03.30 PM              Ksh.1600 – Ksh.1800

Mombasa – Busia              03.30 PM              Ksh.1600 – Ksh.1800

Mombasa – Kitale              04.00 PM              Ksh.1600 – Ksh.1800

Mombasa – Homa Bay      03.00 PM              Ksh.1400 – Ksh.1600

Nairobi – Mombasa           10.30 PM              Ksh.1000 – Ksh.1200

Nairobi – Ukunda               09.15 PM              Ksh.1000 – Ksh.1200

Nairobi – Malindi                08.00 PM              Ksh.1200 – Ksh.1600

Nairobi – Mpeketoni          08.30 PM               Ksh.1800 – Ksh.1800

What is the contact details of Simba Coach Buses?

SIMBA COACH ltd booking offices are placed across the country. Contact the Nairobi office using the following details:
Kumasi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya,

Simba Coach Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

Simba coach bus company will get to your place of choice. Get in touch with them using the contact details above and have all of your problems address in the little time possible.