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TRC booking online made easy. Read this before Tanzania train tickets trc booking online. The standard gauge railway Tanzania is a structure of railway, linking the Tanzania to bordering nations of Uganda and Rwanda, and through these two, to Burundi  and  the Democratic Republic of Congo. The railway structure is planned to change the old, bad metre-gauge railway system. Online Tazara train booking and TRC Tanzania booking made easy.

Tazara ticket booking train routes

There are 2 lines: Tazara, linking Dar es Salaam with New Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia via Mbeya and Tunduma, and the limited Tanzania Railway Central Line linking Dar es Salaam with Kigoma  and Mwanza via Tobora. A middle Line branch also links Tabora with Mpanda, and Tazara runs the Udzungwa shuttle twice weekly between Makambako and Kilombero area.

In general, Tazara is more relax and efficient than the Central Line. Anyway, both lines are presently in the process of upgrading, and there have already been famous improvements. Central line now has a relax weekly deluxe service. If you want to try the train, consider little stretches, such as Dar es Salaam into Selous Game Reserve, or between Kigoma and Tabora. For longer stretches, bring extra drinks and food to supplement the basic meals that are accessible on board.

Historical background of Tazara

The Tazara was constructed as a big product between 1870 and 1975. The project was financed via an internet free loan of RMBY 988 million (equivalent to 500 million US dollars) from the people Republic of China. It started business operations in July 1976.

Tazara is an integral part of Southern African Regional Rail transport structure. It is a rail system of about 1,860 km long rising at sea level from the East African port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, to new Kapiri Mposhi at 1400m above sea level in the Zambia. Furnished with sufficient facilities, Tazara has a designed ability of five million tonnes of freight a year.

Tazara currently handles imports/exports of both Zambia and Tanzania, as well as Dr Congo, Malawi, the great lakes area, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The construction of Kidatu transhipment Depot has opened and attached new markets of Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda. 

The construction of Kidatu transshipment Depot has opened and attached new markets of Uganda, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda. The containerised traffic arriving from South Africa as well as imports via Dar es Salaam port can now be simply transhipped at Kidatu (by TRC or Tazara) to other places in the SADC countries and Central & East Africa.

Tazara management and customer services

Tazara management is continuing to job closely with the Dar es Salaam port authorities to further improve the transit time at least three days. Being in integral part of the COMESA and SADC rail network, TAZARA is working hard to make sure customer satisfaction.

Perfect operations at its big marshalling yard at Yombo Station (a little distance from Dar es Salaam port) make sure speedy assembling and dispatch of wagons.

All detail regarding consignment, the wagon position, etc, is mechanical, and customer can be advised of the position of his cargo within seconds by the use of the ACIS. Tazara provides competitive rates, which are open for negotiations leading to contract and rebate rates.

Tazara also provides customers a unique transportation package whereby the exporters and importers cargo is custom cleared by freight & forwarding unit for transportation up to the point of place, in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zaire and Malawi. 

THA and Tazara have made a mutual function, along with shipping agents, to make sure the processing and managing of cargo documentation is streamlined and quick up. The mutual work also facilities the quick movement of transit consignments.

No storage or demurrage charges are incurred if freight and port charges are paid promptly paid for consignment get quick, and exclusive treatment.

Presently, it takes about three to four days to haul traffic from and to the port of Dar es Salaam for customers at any point in Zambia, and vice versa. Tazara management is continuing to work nearly with the Port Authorities in Dar es Salaam to additional better the Transit time to at least three days.

TRC Tanzania booking stations and trc booking online confirmed train reservations

How to book trc Tanzania train tickets:

1) Tanzania Railways TRC booking

You can make Tanzania Railways ticket TRC online booking, or you should buy them at the station or by phone. Call Dar es Salaam office for cheap Tanzania train tickets reservation on +255 22 26 2191 for westbound journeys or call the station master, reserve by phone and collect and pay for trc ticket booking in Tanzania when you get there. If these do not work, these numbers for the TRC Tanzania booking railways train ticket office have also been reported as working: +255 787099064 or +255 767099064.

2) Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority - Tazara train booking

An email from Tazara customer relations also advises that Tanzania train bookings can be made on any of the following numbers: +255 715469239 or +255 754260988. They will make your Tazara ticket booking and you pay and collect Tazara train tickets from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza at the station later. 

3) Tanzania train trc ticket booking agent

Alternatively, you can buy train tickets in Tanzania before you get to Tanzania by contacting a best local travel agency.

Tazara train booking classes

Tazara ticket booking has 4 classes: first class sleeping (4 bed compartments), second class sleeping (6 bed compartments), second class sitting (also called as super seater) and economy (third) class (benches, generally extremely crowded). Men and women can only travel combine in the sleeping areas by booking the full compartment. 

At night, protect your window with a stick, and do not leave your bags even a second. Central line has first class (4-bed compartment), second class (6-bed compartments) and economy. There is also luxurious service on the Central line.

TRC Tanzania booking standard gauge railway (SGR) train travel system sections

The SGR railway system would contain of several big sections.

Dar es Salaam - Morogoro section

This section measuring three-hundred kilometers, was contracted to a 50/50 consortium compressing Mota-Engil of Portugal and Yapi Merkezi of Turkey. Construction start in April 2017. Partial funding for this section, amounting to $1.2 billion dollars, was borrowed from the Export Credit Bank of Turkey. In May 2019, it was declared that the present phase of the project is sixty percent complete and the primary passenger trains are guessed to begin service in December 2019. There will be 6 stations: Ruvu, Soga, Pugu, Dar es Salaam, Morogoro and Ngerengere. 3 trains will make daily round tours.

Morogoro-Makutopora section

This section was also constructed to the linking of Dar es Salaam- Morogoro section. The line stretches from Morogoro to the Dodoma capital and onward to Makutopora in Manyoni area, Singida Area. It measures 426 kilometers. In September 2018, the administration of Tanzania secured a soft credit from standard chartered bank, amounting to $ 1.46 billion dollars.

The stations after Morogoro will be Gulwe, Kidete, Kilosa, Mkata, Bahi, Dodoma and Makutopora.

Isaka–Rusumo Section

This stretch of the SGR is part of the Isaka-kigali standard Gauge Railway and calculates about 371 kilometers. Construction of this section is estimated at $942 million dollars. In April, the East Africa newspapers reported that the World Bank had expressed its willingness to fund this section.

Dodoma-Isaka section

This section, measuring 435 kilometers, spreading from Makutupora in Singida area via Tobora to Isaka, is yet to be prized to a contractor, as of September 2018.

Isaka–Mwanza Section

This section, calculating about 220 kilometers takes the SGR line of the city of Mwanza, on the southern shores of Lake Victoria. This section, has not been offered to a contractor, as of September 2018.

SGR Tanzania train ticket trc booking online confirmed train reservation will be possible soon.

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