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Online taxi booking in Lagos, Nigeria made easy. One of the simplest ways to get around is by Lagos Nigeria taxi services. There are many safe taxi Lagos, Nigeria companies, using both fixed and metered fares, and they usually accept cash. Here are the advantages of using a taxi app in Johannesburg on your Smartphone and how to you can book best taxi services in Johannesburg online:

Taxi Booking in Lagos Nigeria, Routes & Fares FAQs

How much is the taxi fare in Lagos Nigeria?

The taxi fare in Lagos Nigeria from Lagos Murtala Muhammad Airport to Tinubu Square at Lagos island is about 5,000 NGN. Generally, travel time is forty-five minutes.

Tips for hiring taxi Lagos Nigeria

It can be hard getting a taxi in a bustling and a quick-paced city like Lagos, mainly for first-time visitors, so use the best taxi app in Lagos, Nigeria to book the best taxi services in Lagos, Nigeria simple and easy online. There are hundreds of safe taxi Lagos, Nigeria operators in the city that you may be spoiled for choice.

They are painted the Lagos colour

The Lagos colour for commercial buses and taxis is yellow, if you visit other states, they also have their transport operator colours. Usually, commercial taxis that are not coated in yellow should not run. But, lagos is the city of hustlers, so any color of cabs can run. If you need a cab, it is best to go for the one painted in yellow. It is not just safe but can simply track the driver to his park if you have any complaints or you forget something in his vehicle.

Do not be too chatty

Ever wondered why some metro taxi Lagos, Nigeria drivers are chatty?  They forever want to strike a conversation with you. If you perhaps plan to chat with them, do not  show too  much information about yourself.

Taxi app in Lagos Nigeria helps you book before hopping in

Except you have a particular cab drive, you must negotiate. Do not conclude that they will admit a price when you have not negotiated. If you do, they humiliate you or engage you in a battle of wits. Otherwise download our best taxi app in Lagos Nigeria and book your taxi cheap and easy online.

Lagos Nigeria Taxi Services Tips

Taxi booking in Lagos Nigeria cost more than buses, generally. With the older taxi cabs it is guessed to negotiate the price before you enter and pay on arrival. The cabs are relatively secure. The state has embarked on gradual replacement of rickety buses and Lagos Nigeria taxi services with modern ones, packed with best facilities to improve comfort.

Through public-private partnerships, new cabs are being introduced regularly by professional cab operators. With taxi fares in Lagos, Nigeria as low as N400, depending on the distance, the new AC taxi cabs are already making a new image for Lagos. Taxis can be found almost every place, and all the new cabs have numbers on them that you can call for a pick up.