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Translux online booking made easy. Translux is one of the largest bus firms in South Africa. Translux has a big network of bus services to all big cities in South Africa and its neighboring countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Translux online bus ticket booking is also provided.

Translux Online Booking FAQs

What are the most famous routes covered by Translux ?

•  Queenstown to Cape town
•  Cape Town to queenstown
•  Capetown to Mthatha
•  Mathatha to CapeTown
•  Idutywa to Cape Town
•  Cape town to Idutywa
•  King Williams town to Cape Town
•  Cape Town to King Williams town
•  East London to Johannesburg
•  Johannesburg to East London
•  East London to Cape Town

Translux Bus Fares & Timings

Translux’s travel schedule 2020.

When online booking travellers have all important information right in front of them. If you have booked a Translux bus to travel from Cape Town to Durban, you can either depart at 6:30pm or 6:30 am with your Translux ticket costing R730. If you are traveling from Johannesburg to Durban by departing at 8:15 you will arrive in Durban at 4:30pm on the same day, paying R260 for your Translux tickets whereas departing at 10pm. Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg will cost you R490 with stops at fourteen different places. Planning your tour well ahead of time permits you to arrange to meet family or friends, even if just for a very quick hello and goodbye.

What is the contact details of Translux Buses?

P.O. Box 1907

Translux Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

Translux provides passengers on board fun, reclining seats and on-board toilet facilities.