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Trinity Express Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Trinity Express online booking made easy. Trinity Express a Kigali based bus company which offer daily passenger intercity public transport between the East Africa countries mainly to Uganda and Tanzania with an affordable fares/price. They become the big transport operator for the Dar es Salaam to Kigali route with a regular departure in both cities. So, do Trinity Express online bus ticket booking now.

Trinity Express Online Booking FAQs

What is the routes covered by Trinity Express service?

•    Kigali to Kampala
•    Kigali to Dar es Salaam through Kahama & Rusumo
•    Kampala to Gatuna
•    Kampala to Kagitumba

Trinity Express fleet line

The bus company run modern luxury buses to all international routes with some general buses to some of the local routes in Rwanda. They have a mixture of fleet by Scania with domestically assembled bodies as well as Chinese Yutong buses which most of them of luxury class.

Most of their buses are packed with on board luxury specs to refresh your trip all the way long. Passengers can enjoy an individual specs as well as public specs while they keep on travelling with Trinity buses.

Trinity Express amenities

Below are some of those specs accessible on Trinity buses:

•    Modern sound system with individual speaker
•    Multiple slim TV on each side
•    Two by two reclining seats
•    AC services to some of their buses
•    On board USB charging system
•    Soft drinks and snacks

What is the contact details of Trinity Express buses service?

Nyabugogo Bus Terminal,  Kigali

Trinity Express Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

The route by road runs along what is famous as the Central Transport Corridor and will crossing into Tanzania at the just opened one stop general border point at Lusumo. They also have a daily routes to Uganda with place to Kampala through the Gatuna boarder.