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Tungi's Express Online Bus Ticket Booking

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Tungi's Express online booking made easy. Tungis Express is a freshly established bus company which offer daily passenger transport services between the city of Mwanza and the Dar es Salaam via Tungi's Express online booking.  This firm came into operations in the early of 2019 by introducing their Golden Dragon fleet in the long distance between the 2 cities. So do Tungi's Express online bus ticket booking now!

Tungi's Express Online Booking FAQs

What is the routes covered by Tungi's Express buses?

•    Mwanza to dar es Salaam
•    Dar es Salaam to Mwanza via Dodoma

Tungis express route fleet line

The firm uses Golden Dragon bus model from the Chinese manufacture, their buses are quite new and directly imported from China. Their buses are of semi luxury class according to Land Transport Regulatory authority.

They have a best and expert staff who are best in fleet management by ensuring these buses are dirt-free all the time for comfort and better level.

They provide daily passenger transportation services from Dar es Salaam to Mwanza city and vice versa. They have a morning departures in both terminals and their crews are on time to make sure you get the final place on expected duration.

The firm also provides parcels transportation services with an affordable prices depending on the size and nature of your parcels.

Tickets booking can be made at their offices placed in each bus terminals and their individuals offices out of the terminal. You can also make a online booking of tickets by getting in touch with their agents or by calling to their offices via contact numbers.

What is the contact details of Tungi express buses?

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Tungi's Express Online Bus Ticket Booking Tips

In the little period of time, Tungi become the largest rival on the Dar es Salaam to Mwanza route via Tungi's bus tickets, providing a business challenges to the big firms. They have achieved to build a powerful customer base due to their own time departures and arrival to the respective place.