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Botswana being one of the best touristic sites in Africa blends its high living standards and political stability with its attractive scenery to draw visitours from all over the globe. The wildlife in Botswana gives it an added advantage in attracting tourists over all other countries in the globe. The number of animals which travel across or dwell in this country is remarkable. These animals range from endangered species such as rhinos and wild dogs to the abundant and growing number of birds which dwell in the area. This makes Botswana tour packages an amazing idea to try out on vacation.

Top Tourist Attractions & Activities in Botswana Tour Packages

Botswana has very attractive natural scenery from the extensive and magnificent Kalahari Desert to the calm and gorgeous Okavango Delta. The area is very adorable though it may seem wide and empty in some parts or jam-packed and lively in others. The scenery which portrays itself an African setting will always live up to your pre-trip expectancy.

Botswana’s beautiful scenery is however costly as it is presently one of the most expensive touristic sites in Africa. It is often the very rich people who travel here or those who came for a once in a lifetime experience such as honeymoons due to the expensive nature of the luxury hotels. Self-motivated Botswana vacation packages are however an affordable and more satisfactory way for those who want a travel experience to explore the beautiful country of Botswana.

Gaborone, the capital of Botswana is located in the South East of the country and has a population of about 210,000 making it the largest city in Botswana. This city is the administrative capital of the South East district and it is found in a low lying valley between Kgale and Odi Hills on the Notwane River about 15kms away from the South African border.

Gaborone has been considered for many years as the fastest developing city in the world and is still the fastest developing city in Africa. The whole downtown section of the city is embracing modernization and is made up of steel, bricks, and glass. The privileged suburb of Phakalane which is just on the outskirts of the city has good restaurants, a vibrant night experience, and 5-star hotels.

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