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Find and compare cheap flight & Zanzibar honeymoon packages from South Africa online with packages.  Zanzibar is found in East Africa and placed on the Swahili coast, in Indian ocean adjacent to Tanganyika. Combine with Tanganyika the 2 form Tanzania.

Zanzibar is an archipelago of historic Indian ocean islands. It is between twenty-five to fifty kilometers (approximately 6-31 miles) off the cost of the mainland.

The island consists of many little islands with 2 big ones. They are Unguja which is the key island. This is one that is formally referred to as Zanzibar. The other one to the Unguja north is Pemba island.

Here are some of the best Zanzibar honeymoon packages from South Africa places to visit:

Dhow sunset cruises

As world heritage UNESCO place, Stonetown has so much charm to provide on a Zanzibar honeymoon with Zanzibar honeymoon packages from South Africa. The hustling city, with its busy domestic life and narrow streets, can feel overwhelming to some, but a remarkable choice for honeymooners to enjoy stonetown, is to sea its beauty from the ocean. Sunset dhow trips, in a private vessels for couple, can be arranged in the evening, where couple will view the charming sites of the island, as well as wonderful sunset that Zanzibar proudly shows.

Zanzibar honeymoon packages from South Africa special offers

Many of the properties in Zanzibar offer Zanzibar honeymoon packages from South Africa which makes them all the more special. Some properties provide unique offers based on the number of nights you stay whilst others provide complimentary gifts to make your stay memorable from the moment you arrive. Bottles and flowers of sparkling wine upon arrival, romantic couples massages in the in-home spa, and lobster dinners on the beach are just a few of the gifts provided, alongside, definitely, a happy team with big smile on their face.

Entertainment at night

While some honeymooners may favor a peaceful dinner for two, others may favor some fun in the evening whilst staying in Zanzibar. Some bigger hotels, offers entertainment in the evening as guests tuck in the dinner. For those who have just been on safari, the Lion King forever goes down a treat.

Before the honeymoon

Zanzibar can forever deliver a memorable stay for all couples and guests, not just those on their honeymoon. If there is an occasion that you would love to celebrate, the properties in Zanzibar will more often than not, go out of their way to make it amazingly unique for you. They have helped organise romantic proposals, landmarks birthdays and also weddings on the beach.