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You can get to most towns, cities and village with bus tickets in Egypt on a bus, at an extremely affordable price. For many long-distance routes beyond the Nile Valley, it is the top option, and sometimes online bus ticket booking Egypt only one. Buses are not necessarily quick though, and if you are going from or to Cairo, you will at least an hour just in city traffic. Delays are general, especially later in the day as schedules get back up.

Micro-bus tickets in Egypt

The mean of transport famous among locals can also be used by visitors. The microbuses, generally known as minibus or micro, after all, they are almost everywhere. These are vans with room for up to fourteen passengers, although it should be noted that in Egypt the idea of personal space does not exist. If you want to a pretty more area, you can simply buy additional bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Egypt.

What makes the full thing a bit hard is the fact that the minibuses are largely privately owned and generally not marked. So, there are dozens of different hand signals that are used to indicate the wanted place when stopping a van. As a foreigner, you can only either each time, whether the bus goes into the wanted place or let a local show you the corresponding hand signal.

Further, microbuses run on no set schedule, they just wait until they are full, then take off. Generally, this should not take too long, as there is generally a lot going on at the begin and end points. These microbus stations are generally placed outside train stations and bus or at big highway intersection close the cities.

Urban bus Egypt online bus bookings

In bigger cities such as Alexandrines or Cairo, besides microbuses, there are regular buses for Egypt online bus bookings as well. These sometimes go for more than thirty kilometers from their begin to end stop. Since the buses are just marked in Arabic numbers and the timetables are nowhere available, it is not forever easy to find where cheapest bus tickets in Egypt services is actually going.
Thus, there are 2 possibilities: Just get on a bus that goes in the best way, and follow your own route through Google Maps and get off as soon as the bus goes in the way other than your wanted place; or you ask the bus driver if he is going in the same way as you. Anyway, it can take a pretty a long time to catch the online bus ticket booking Egypt.

Shuttle online bus booking Egypt

In Hurghada there is a shuttle bus between the city center and the Senzo Mall, which on the way also stops at different hotel resorts in the south. It runs every thirty minutes between 9 am and midnight every day. One stop is placed just a few steps from Zak Apartment at Sheraton Road.


Opened in 1987, the initial line today has a length of about twenty miles or thirty-five stations and links the northern suburbs with the center and the southern suburbs of Cairo. It is the most  used line: presently, the line one transports about 1.4 million passengers per day, at peak times it runs in a 210-second interval. the more subway lines are planned.

Online bus ticket booking Egypt tips

It is best to buy shuttle and bus tickets in Egypt in advance, mainly for Western Desert services and Cairo-Sinai routes where buses run infrequently. Hang on to your online bus ticket booking Egypt until you get off as inspectors almost forever board to check fares. You should forever carry your passport as buses are generally stopped at military checkpoints for random identify checks. This is particularly general on the bus between Abu Simbel and Aswan, and on all Sinai buses.