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The bus tickets in Ghana network generally offer the top balance of safety, speed, expense, and relaxation, mainly when traveling between big towns. Many have air conditioning and TV, but not all. Buses will charge an extra price for luggage. You may disembark at any point along the way, but the complete bus tickets in Ghana for the bus destination will be needed. So use our bus booking app in Ghana to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Ghana now and save time and money.

Bus tickets in Ghana routes

The State Transport Company (STC) has cheap bus tickets in Ghana and scheduled service that runs along nearly all paved roads in Ghana. Online bus ticket booking Ghana in advance, so buy cheapest bus services in Ghana Buses early rather than going to bus station expecting to be on the next departing bus. Because the air conditioned buses are more relax the Ghana bus booking tickets online sell out quicker - sometimes days in advance.

VIP also operates perfect buses along big routes. They have a newer fleet, more flexible schedules, and, like tro tros, will depart for their place once the bus is full.

The buses are air-conditioned, relax and have amenities such as screens, charging ports, and restrooms. Some have microwaves, fridges and coffee machines. Ghana online bus ticket bookings in advance as some routes get busy, particularly during holidays.

Metro Mass is the other key carries between cities, and they run on much more flexible schedules. These run along big roads, but also along routes not serviced by other buses firms. These buses are less costly and slower, but generally provide the same level of comfort and safety as STC.

Online bus booking Ghana buses run full from the departure point, it is very hard to find a seat on a passing bus unless it is far from its real point of departure. VIP and STC will just pick passengers from stations while Metro Mass will pick passengers anywhere along the route, if seats are accessible. This is why they are slower.

Intercity STC Ghana bus booking from Accra

Ghana's national bus service intercity STC (private run and joint government) runs services between Accra and regional cities in Ghana. It also runs services to Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Cotonu in Abidjan and Benin and Lome in Togo.

Most services leave from the Accra bus terminal. Ensure your belongings are safe, and keep an eye on your valuables as pickpocketing and luggage theft can happen.

Online bus ticket booking Ghana best bus companies

• V.I.P

• STC (State Transport Company)

• GH Express

Ghana online bus ticket bookings stations and online bus ticket booking Ghana confirmed bus reservation

Ghana online bus ticket booking prices does not truly differ, but V.I.P. is just quite bit more costly. Each of them generally leave couple of times in day.

When traveling with Ghana bus, note that you will forever have to pay extra for your larger pieces of luggage. At the STC firm, STC staff will weight your luggage and you will pay per Kilogram. It is not too costly, but you are in Ghana, so you can forever negotiate with staff. GH Express and V.I.P do not weight but just have fixed prices for the luggage, depends on the size.

In the other group of bus transport in Ghana, there are other little firms. Their buses are at lower standard and do not use timetables and Ghana online bus ticket bookings. These bus firms do not have their own offices. Buses also pick up more people on the way and can be extremely slow, but bookings shuttle and bus tickets in Ghana are affordable.

Street signs and name changes

The administration is part way through a street-naming project, with the goal of giving every street in Ghana a visible street sign for buses. At the same time, many existing street names are replacing. While we have endeavored to mark as many changes as easy, it is likely that more names will have replaced by the time you read this.