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Bus tickets in Morocco travel is usually only marginally affordable than taking a shared grand taxi, and around 30% slower, but also safer and more relax, though on some older buses leg room is restricted, and for any person approaching 6 feet or more in height, long journeys can be rather an endurance test. Many long-distance cheapest online bus ticket booking Morocco services run at night when they are both cooler and faster. Most are packed with reading lights but they are invariably turned off,  so you will not be capable to read on buses after dark. Also note that the rate of accidents involving night buses is pretty high, mainly on busy routes, and most of all on the N8 between Agadir and Marrakesh.

Travelling during the day, mainly in summer, it pays to sit on the side away from the sun. Moving from north to south, this mean sitting on the right in the morning. Moving from east to west, sit on the right, or on the left I going from west to east. Actually, Moroccan passengers generally pull down the blinds and close the windows, which can block out scenery and make the trip rather claustrophobic.

CTM and private lines Morocco bus bookings 

Buses run by CTM are quicker and more relatable than private services, with numbered seats and fixed departure schedules, which can be book shuttle and bus tickets in Morocco online. CTM services generally have reading lights, though you may have to ask the driver to turn those on. Some of the bigger private buses, such as SATAS and Trans Ghazala, but many other private firms are little outfits, with a single bus and which leaves when the driver considers it fully full.

Bus terminals

Most towns have a key bus stations, generally on the edge of town. CTM buses generally leave from the company's office, which may be quite a way from the key bus station, though in several locations CTM and private firms share a single terminal, and in some cases the CTM buses will call at the main bus station when departing a city, though not when arriving.

Morocco bus ticket booking stations and online bus ticket booking Morocco confirmed bus reservation

Bus stations generally have number of ticket windows, and you can also buy shuttle and bus tickets in Morocco online. There is occasionally a departure board, but it may be out of date and in Arabic only, so you should forever check departure times at the right window. Morocco bus ticket booking or conductors may be calling out destinations in the bus station in any case, or may welcome you as you come in by asking where you want to go. On the more famous trips, it is value trying to make Morocco bus bookings online in advance, though this may not forever be easy on little private-line services.
On private-line buses, you usually pay for your baggage to be loaded into the hold. The standard charge is 5dh, but this may be foregone on little hops. Not that you just pay to have your baggage loaded, not to have it unloaded on arrival, whatever anybody may say.

Supratours bus tickets in Morocco

An additional service, on certain big routes, is the Supratours express buses run as feeder service by the train firm, ONCF. These are very relax and quick, and run from Essaouria, Tetouan, and the Western Sahada to link with rail services from Marrakesh, Tangier and Oujda. Fares and timetables for supratours buses can be found online. They do not use the main bus station, but depart from outside their own town-center offices. Through online bus ticket booking Morocco to and from linking rail stations are accessible, and visitors with rail tickets for linking services have priority. It is top to do online bus booking Morocco in advance if possible.