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The bus tickets in Nigeria network is big, linking all big cities with distance services. Each city has public transport buses, which offers an economical way of getting around. Anyway, traffic in most cities is horrendous, so you have to permit a lot of time for even little journeys since the buses only travel on main roads and sit in traffic. So use our bus booking app in Nigeria to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Nigeria now and save time and money.

Buses in Nigeria

Intercity bus booking app in Nigeria

GIGM, PMT, GUO, Autostar, Chisco, Young Shall Grow, ABC Transport, Efex and ABC transport bus services are the big providers of intercity cheap online bus ticket booking Nigeria.

Shared Taxi

There is also the choice of traveling by a shared taxi in between cities, where the driver will depart once the vehicles is full of people wanting to travel the same place. To find cheapest bus tickets in Nigeria services go to the motor park or use a bus booking app in Nigeria. Otherwise you can travel around cities in danfos and molues, which are private minibuses that run similar to shared taxis, although take more people. You can find these cars easily, as they are forever painted yellow, although relaxation is scarified when riding one.

Bus rapid transit (BRT) Nigeria bus bookings

Nigeria has a Bus Rapid Transit system, called publicity as BRT, regulated by the Lagos State Government. The buses and bus booking in Nigeria have their own corridors in several big parts of the state, which means they are not generally delayed by general traffic. The BRT buses are also more relax and affordable than public buses, they are also of 2 types, Red and Blue. The Red Buses ply big roads in Alagbado, Ikeja, and Ajah, which are majority residential places. The Blue buses travel from Ikorodu via Mile 12 by online bus booking Nigeria, the site of the biggest food market in Nigeria, through Fadeyi, Stadium (the place of National Stadium in Surulere) to CMS (place of the oldest Nigeria Church) and Tafawa Balewa Square, which is the bus terminus. 

Local tips: Tickets need to be purchased at BRT terminals or do online bus ticket booking Nigeria before you begin your journey. Be sure of the bus stop in which you want to alight, and the BRT buses have designated bus stops. BRT buses have speakers that speaks about bus stops and you can press the bus when your stop is announced.

Public bus tickets in Nigeria

Public buses in Nigeria, generally called as yellow bus or Danfo, are ubiquitous and travel to every part of the country even to the suburbs where taxis and BRT buses do not go. They generally have destinations written on them and conductors are forever accessible to announce places to passengers so book bus tickets in Nigeria. Anyway, they are not very safe as most of the buses are rickety and old. They are also targets of petty thieves and pick-pockets as they are generally extremely crowded. Prices are also irregular and depend on the traffic, distance, the state of the road, the weather and bus owner himself.

Local tips: it is least suggestive form of transport, but if you travel in them for cheapest Nigeria bus bookings services, keep your valuables and money close.

Online bus ticket booking Nigeria - tips for bus travellers

Visitors should know first and foremost that Nigeria has a lot of traffic. Extreme traffic jams can turn five-minute bus booking in Nigeria and shuttle tickets trip into a 2 hour-one. Naturally, these jams are worst in big cities, mainly Lagos. If you are supposed to show up somewhere on, give yourself a few extra hours.

If you are the driver, and this is a huge if, as you cannot use an international driving permit and it can take months to get Nigeria drivers license so cheap online bus ticket booking Nigeria is perfect option, and actually get to go quicker than a snail's pace, you will find less than pleasing roadways, which can simply damage vehicles and make driving really risky.