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Online bus ticket bookings Seychelles madey easy. Buses in Seychelles public transportation is the most developed on the big islands; Praslin and Mahe. There are runs with real buses there. Anyway, the fleet has not been renewed for many years. So, pretty untidy, old, unpainted buses make trips, and they usually breakdown along the road. Inside the buses are extremely stuffy, there are no air conditioners. At the same time, the drivers definitely does not adjust the number of passengers during a trip. So, as many people as possible can generally get into buses. Cheapest bus tickets in Seychelles services and generally do not move according to any schedule. There are no fixed bus stops either or Seychelles online bus booking.  In order to stop the bus, just put your thumb out. And in order for the bus to stop at your wanted place, you need to tell the driver about this in advance. And in order for the bus to stop at your wanted place, you need to tell the driver about this in advance. The specialty of the ride and heavy relief play a vital role in this. Further, drivers also disperse the old buses to the limit. So, it is best to inform the driver about your stopping point in advance. So use our bus booking app in Seychelles to do cheap online bus ticket booking in Seychelles now and save time and money. Here is the detail of booking bus tickets in Seychelles.

Buses in Seychelles

The main national buses in Seychelles operators:


A big bus service operates all through Mahe. Routes and destinations are generally marked on the front of the buses. There is a flat rate of Rs 6 whatever the journey length; pay the driver as you board. Bus stops have shelters and signs and there are also markings on the road.

Maps and timetables of each route are posted at the terminus in Victoria, where you can also pick up photocopied timetables at the SPTC office and book Seychelles online bus ticket bookings. All parts of the island are serviced, but for many journeys, you will have to replace buses in the capital.


Praslin boasts a relatively perfect bus service. The general route is from Anse Boudin to Mont Plasir (for Anse Kerlan) through Anse Volbert, Grand Anse, Valle de Mai, Baie Ste Anne, and the airport. Buses run in each direction every hour (every half-hour between Mont Plaisir and Baie Ste Anne) from 6 am to 9pm. Anse La Blague and Anse Consolation are also serviced. For Anse Lazio, get off at Anse Boudin and walk to the beach (approximately twenty minutes; 1km. there is a flat charge of Rs 7.

SPTC bus tickets in Seychelles

The government-run, blue SPTC buses in Seychelles are the initial form of public transportation and the affordable way to travel and Seychelles buy bus and shuttle tickets. They run main route on both Praslin and Mahe islands daily between 5 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. every fifteen minutes or so. Buses are air-conditioned and relax enough, although it is top to reject long distances on Mahe as the islands is hilly and drivers test the speed limits. Buses schedules are also a quite unreliable.

There is also a bus accessible from the airport on Mahe to Victoria and the key beaches, along within an eighteen-seater tour bus. On La Digue, visitors will have to trust on Taxi travel, while the other islands are little enough to get  about on foot or by bicycle.

Is public transportation in Seychelles safe?

Public transport in Seychelles is safe and affordable. Buses are the main mode of public transport and they are quite affordable. They also do not run much longer after dark either.

On Mahe, there is a quite extensive bus service and bookings bus and shuttle tickets in Seychelles. You can view where the bus is going because the place is marked on the front of the bus. But stops are simple to spot and marked on the road surface too. You can make easy online bus ticket booking Seychelles.