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Botswana, located in the southern part of Africa and South Africa north, provides the best of this continent with a quite little area. Botswana is generally overlooked by travellers. The country likes between tourist magnets such as Victoria Falls, South Africa, or Namibia, and rarely get the same focus as those places. But we strongly advise you to travel here through cheap online bus ticket booking Botswana because the country is packed with charming areas and amazing experiences. Bus tickets in Botswana is relatively extended transport network. 

Bus Operators in Botswana Bus Bookings

Botswana has a big range of local buses which link the key towns together along the tarred roads. They are affordable, frequent, and a best way to meet local people, although they can also be uncomfortable, crowded and noisy. In short, they are similar to any other local buses in Africa, so book Botswana bus tickets online, and travel on them as both its enjoyments and its frustrations.

There are 2 different types: the little minibuses, generally VW combis, and the larger, longer normal buses. Both will serve the same places, but the bigger ones tend to run to a timetable, go quicker and stop less. Their little relatives generally wait to fill up before they leave the bus station, then go slower and stop at more locations.

Seabalo is the biggest of several bus firms, and runs regular long-distance services from Gaborone to all the larger cities. Online bus booking Botswana is not costly, but involves long journeys in transport which may not have air conditioning or reclining seats. Little buses also serve the most built-up places.

Bus Tickets in Botswana Routes

There is a regular bus service with online bus ticket booking Botswana from Johannesburg to Gaborone, which takes 6 hours. There is also service from Windhoek, Namibia through the Caprivi Strip which will drop you in Chobe National Park, in northern Botswana. There is also buy shuttle and bus tickets in Botswana from Victoria Falls in  Zimbabwe. Private shuttles ran until 2014 from Windhoek directly to Maun and in end of 2005, such as service was starting up again. Alternatively, there is a public bus that runs from Windhoek to Gaborone every morning of Sunday through Ghanzi, where you can catch another public bus through cheapest bus services in Botswana that reaches Maun by Sunday evening.

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