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      Cheap Bus Tickets from Dodoma to Mbeya Online Booking

      Discover your travel route on web, mobile or app and book cheap bus ticket from Dodoma to Mbeya online now.

      Do cheap bus from Dodoma to Mbeya bus tickets online booking and travel Dodoma to Mbeya by road. Mbeya area is one of Tanzania thirty administrative regions. It is placed in the country’s southwest. The regional capital is the Mbeya city. You can visit this city by booking cheap bus tickets from Dodoma to Mbeya online now.

      Bus from Dodoma to Mbeya Bus Tickets Booking, Routes, Schedules & Fares FAQs

      Is there a direct bus Dodoma to Mbeya?

      No, there is no direct buses from Dodoma to Mbeya. Anyway, there are services departing from Dodoma and arriving at Mbeya through Dar es Salaam. The journey, including transfers, takes about 23h.

      What is the travel distance of Dodoma to Mbeya by bus?

      The travel distance of Dodoma to Mbeya by bus is 379 km.

      Where do I take the Dodoma to Mbeya bus from?

      Dodoma to Mbeya bus services, operated by bus Dodoma to Mbeya express.

      Fly, train or bus Dodoma to Mbeya?

      The top way to get from Dodoma to Mbeya is to fly which takes 4h 50m and costs $110 – $390. Alternatively, you can bus, which bus Dodoma to Mbeya price $20 and takes 23h, you could also train, which costs $4 – $6 and takes 36h.

      Bus Tickets from Dodoma to Mbeya Tips

      Here are some of the famous attractions of Mbeya:

      Kiwira River

      Kiwira River is a magical attractions by its myths and tales. Placed about 36 kilometers from Mbeya city close to the Tukuyu town, the river is a visitor attraction by it miracles which the domestic people tell every foreign visitors to the river side.
      The river is famous and well-known by its natural attractions adding the legendry cooking pot or Kijungu, a naturally formed pot-looking landform.

      Kijungu and Daraja la Mungu

      The 2 attractions (Daraja la Mungu and Kijungu) can be reached after 2 to 3 hours of driving from Mbeya city on the Kyela highway branching off at a village famous as Keikei just after Kiwira town, some ten kilometers along a dirty road that also leads to Kiwira Prisons training college.

      Marengi Hill

      A natural cave where hundred cows were hidden during tribal wars among the Wanyakyusa people is found close to the Kiwira town. This cave is a visitor pulling attraction where guided visitors could be managed.
      On the way to the Zambian border Tunduma town some seventy kilometers from Mbeya city on the Marengi Hill, you will find the Mbozi Meteriorite.