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Maputo is extremely accessible town, and being the capital city of Mozambique, it also holds significance to the nation. Visitors love Maputo for its vibrancy, its diversity, its variety of fun things to do and its charming setting on the baby overlooking the Indian Ocean.

St Anthony’s Church

Maputo is brimming with architecture brilliance and this comes with amazing input from colonial days when the Portuguese ruled this East African nation. If you go to St Anthony's Church is the hub of the city, you will discover that the Indian pioneers who were some of the primary settlers in Mozambique influenced the design of his religious and historical building.

San Sebastian Fortress 

The gallant San Sebastian Fortress was built decades ago to save Maputo Bay from German and Spanish colonial marauders. South African support to build the fortress and Paul Kruger was also helpful in starting the railway as a link between Maputo and Pretoria.

Bus Tickets from Johannesburg to Maputo FAQs

What is the affordable way to get from Johannesburg to Maputo?

The affordable way to get from by bus. Johannesburg to Maputo bus fare $16 - $40 and takes 7h 40m.

Is there a direct bus from Johannesburg to Maputo?

Yes, there is a direct buses from Johannesburg to Maputo. Services depart 4 hours, and operate every day. The journey takes about 7h 40m.

What is the travel distance of Johannesburg to Maputo?

The travel distance of Maputo and Johannesburg is 454 km.

How do I move from Johannesburg to Maputo without a car?

The top way to get from Johannesburg to Maputo without a car is to bus which takes 7h 50 m and costs $16 - $40.

Where do I take the Johannesburg to Maputo bus from?

Bus services Johannesburg to Maputo, operated by pioneer bus fares from Johannesburg to Maputo, and eagle liner bus fare from Johannesburg to Maputo.

Bus or fly from Johannesburg to Maputo? 

The top way to get from Johannesburg to Maputo is to fly which takes 4h 10m and costs $90 - $200. Alternatively, alternatively, you can bus, which costs $15 - $40 and takes 7h 50m.