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The Mozambique capital, Maputo, has continually been shaking off its impoverished city life to emerge as a center of confidence and vibrancy. Alongside historic Portuguese architecture are modernized makeovers of hotels and skyscrapers, separated by the old town and downtown, helping to make options for visitors more abundant in tourism and leisure.

Here are some of the best attractions of Maputo:

Mercado Municipal

The initial thing that hits you as you enter the Mercado Municipal is the exciting hub of colors - everywhere! From the capulanas worn by the women to the big range of goods on display: spices, vegetables, baskets, all laid out perfectly, ready to grab your focus.

Mesquita da Baixa

This is the oldest and biggest Mosque in Maputo and is a wonderful example of Arabic and Portuguese architectural design with its geometric, stone shapes on the front wall standing out in pride. Placed in the old part of town, it was built at the end of the nineteen century and the mosque and its six minarets have been recently restored.

Núcleo de Arte

An artist art area, Nucleo de Arte is a mixture of collective, permanent and solo artwork via workshops and exhibitions which can be both be viewed and acquired.

Cheap flights from Johannesburg to Maputo FAQs

How far is Maputo from Johannesburg?

The distance of cheapest flights Johannesburg to Maputo is 431 kilometers.

How long is the Maputo flights from Johannesburg?

The average Johannesburg to Maputo flight time is an hour and three minutes.

How common are Johannesburg to Maputo direct flights?

There are thirty-three direct flights from Johannesburg to Maputo.

What are the most famous Johannesburg airlines for Johannesburg to Maputo flights?

South African Airways offers sixty-three percent of the non-stop flights between Maputo and Johannesburg.

How many cheap flights from Johannesburg to Maputo depart on average per day?

• Twenty-two flights departures from Johannesburg to Maputo Intl per day on average.

• Morning - thirty-six percent of flight departures 

• Afternoon - thirty-six percent of flight departures

• Evening - fifty-five percent of flight departures