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Arusha is placed in Northern Tanzania and is famously called as the green city of Tanzania. Arusha is blessed with green atmosphere, thanks to the very low temperatures and alleviated humidity. Here are some of the best attractions of the city:

Hot air balloon
Hot air balloons rides over Serengeti National Park will provide you an  amazing safari experience with wonderful scenery and uninterrupted views for a best adventure. 

With hot air balloon safaris, you can appreciate the real magnitude of the Serengeti. The balloon safari offers you with a special chance to capture captivating moments.

Lake Duluti
Lake Duluti is a crater lake placed close to the Tengeru town, fourteen kilometers from Arusha city center. The lake is surrounded by the Duluti Forestry Reserve and has water all through the year, mainly from seasonal rainfall and groundwater.

Lake Duluti covers a place of approximately 63 hectares and crater walls are up to  two-hundred meters, mostly covered in thick forest.

Old Boma Museum
The Old Boma Museum is placed within an old German Military outpost. Today, the museum presents the city history, culture, wildlife and human evolution including findings from the popular Olduvai Gorge and the Laetoli places. The place to visit in Arusha if you are a history lover.

Once can expect to learn about the proof of human evolution, the history of Arusha during the German colonial age, photos of mountains and wildlife. The museum also hosts a mini zoo, mini serpentarium, a mini botanical garden as well as section for the study of insects.

Bus Tickets from Tanga to Arusha FAQs

What is the travel distance of Tanga to Arusha?

The travel distance of Tanga and Arusha is 328km.

Is there a direct bus from Tanga to Arusha?

Yes, there is a direct buses from Tanga to Arusha.

Can I drive from Tanga to Arusha?

Yes, the driving between Tanga and Arusha is 438 km. it takes about 6h 50m to drive from Tanga to Arusha.

Where do I take the bus from Tanga to Arusha?

Bus service Tanga to Arusha, operated by bus Tanga Arusha express. Tanga to Arusha bus fare $25 and takes 5- 6h.