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Book cheap flights from Arusha to Zanzibar online with for the best deals. The paradise island of Zanzibar drifts in the Indian Ocean just twenty-five kilometers from the wild shores of Tanzania.  Zanzibar is overflowing with sounds and sights that will ignite the spirit of traveling in any visitor. Packed with culture, rich food and live with historical interest there is so much to view and do. From wandering the dynamic wooden stalls of Stone town market scene to stretching out on the perfect white sands. Here are some of the ideas on how to book Arusha to Zanzibar flights.

Cheap Flights from Arusha to Zanzibar FAQs

What is the flight distance between Zanzibar and Arusha?

The flight time distance between Zanzibar and Arusha is 429 km.

How long does it take to fly from Arusha to Zanzibar?

A one-way direct flight between Zanzibar and Arusha takes around 1.5 hours.

What airports are near Arusha?

The key airport in Arusha is Arusha. It is also served by Arusha Kilimajaro International, Jomo Kenyatta International, Lake Manyara, Wilson and Amboseli.

Which airlines fly between Zanzibar and Arusha?

Presently, you can fly between Zanzibar and Arusha with Precision Air, Air Excel limited, Coastal Aviation, Auric Air and Air Tanzania.

How many airlines offer Arusha to Zanzibar flights?

There are six airlines who fly from Arusha to Zanzibar.

What is the best day to book a air ticket from Arusha to Zanzibar?

Wednesday and Thursday is the best time to book cheap flights from Arusha to Zanzibar.

Arusha to Zanzibar Flights Tips

Zanzibar is better famous as the Spice Island thanks to the abundance of spice trading all through the centuries. Today visitors adore the spice tour as they get the chance to view how spice is grown on the remarkable island. Breathe in the heady sweet scent of cloves, vanilla pods, and earthy nutmeg in this remarkable tour.