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Book cheap flights to Accra online and save money on airfare. Accra is a busy modern city, where the streets smell of tasty foods and the beach waits to chill you down. You will find a wonderful local cultural scene, with everything from traditional dance to song to modern clubs with the latest live music. Compare prices and get the lowest airfare on airline ticket from Accra through great offers on Accra flights online ticket booking.

Here are some of the best attractions of Accra

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

The amazing memorial park and mausoleum dedicated to him is placed in central Accra and incorporates 5 acres of landscaped parkland along with a museum that specs exhibits on his life and the intertwined story of Ghana’s foundation.

Aburi Botanical Garden

Placed eighteen miles north of Accra in the little town of Aburi, the Aburi Botanical Garden covers just under sixty-five acres on the Akuapem hills at elevations of up to 1,200 feet. There are many different atmosphere to enjoy including a rock garden, horticulture school and the palm walk. Activities contain bicycle rentals and hiking. There is accommodation accessible at a gracious old-colonial-style hotel, which has a bar and restaurant.

Labadi Beach

Arguably the most famous beach in Ghana, Labadi Beach stretches along the coast just to the east of Accra. Its characterized by fine sand and hot waters, with many activities accessible besides swimming and sunning, such as horseback riding along the beach and water sports. The environment is family friendly and casual, and the beach tends to get extremely busy on weekends.

Makola Market

Everything from household goods to electronics, jewelry, clothing and even vehicle parts are for sale at Makola Market, a big marketplace and shopping area in downtown Ghana. There are many bargains to be found on domestically produced goods, including artisan crafts, clothing and affordable souvenirs. Visitors should be prepared to take a few hours to walk through the full market to make most of the shopping opportunities, with both food stalls and fresh produce accessible for refueling along the way.

Cheap flights to Accra Ghana FAQs

Which is the best time to book airline ticket to Accra?

Friday is currently, on average, the cheap day to book airline ticket to Accra. Flying on Thursday will outcome in higher flight prices.

What time of day is cheap to fly?

Accra flights at midday are typically the cheap time of the day to fly to Accra. Airline ticket to Accra in the afternoon are generally the most expensive.

Which is the cheap time of year to fly to Accra?

The climate of Accra remains hot and sunny around the year. Anyway, there are few months during which it gets considerable rain. Mostly visitors favor to visit the city during New Year and Christmas holidays. This is the peak season and finding cheap flights to Accra Ghana is very hard. December is the most costly time of the year. You have to book in advance for securing your Accra flight tickets price in peak season.

The rainy season begins in April and end in mid-July. It is off season as there are very low crowds. If you want to keep money, this time of year is excellent to explore the city. The most pleasant month of the year is August and there is a big drop in visitor influx. You can get Accra flight deals and accommodation.

When is the excellent time to visit Accra?

Peak season
Generally, the Accra weather is characterised by 2 main season, i.e. dry and wet. The visitor season is in complete swing during November and lasts up to March.  Celebrating the Christmas and holidays by the beach, in the hot sand, has its pleasures. Even though the beaches are going to a bit more crowded, the Accra beaches are sunny and the vast, drowsy days are long. The average temperature zigzags between 26C and 32 C throughout November till April. There is no rainfall during this time.

Off-peak season
July and June is the peak rainy time of the year which makes navigation hard through various roads of the city. The wet season is affordable for travellers on a budget, but they might have to suffer a little higher levels of humidity.

What is the main international airport in Accra?

Kotoka International Airport is the key international airport servicing the city of Accra. It is one of the top airports in Accra which facilities of local as well as international flights. The city center is placed at the distance of six miles only from the airport.

Which airlines operate cheap flights to Accra direct?

There are a few different airlines that offer cheap flights to Accra Ghana so you can either pick by price or preference of airline. Iberia, British Airways, KLM, and Egypt Air are the big players, although there are others such as Air Canada. The price of the airline ticket to Accra does change depending on the airline so it is value checking a couple out and viewing what they charge for checked in luggage too.

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