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This wonderful piece of land is a big hub in Tanzania. It is a big city and its diversity is visible in its different parts and there are busy central streets that run pass the wonderful clock tower and Kariakoo market, and very silent areas with tree-lined boulevards to the north. Witha  turbulent and history, Dar es Salaam provides a multitude of cultural and historical attractions for holidaymakers and other visitors to enjoy while visiting Dar es Salaam. Your flight to Dar es Salaam will take you to the educational and cultural center of the country. The most popular educational center in Tanzania is the Dar es Salaam University. In addition to this Dar es Salaam have some other historical and cultural attractions.

A visit to the Village museum provides an insight to the lifestyle and life of the tribes in Dar es Salaam. It is a special museum of its type where on taking cheap flight to Dar es salaam will get to witness traditional homes of eight different vibes eight different tribes from the various parts of Tanzania.  In the surrounding of Village museum gardens have been planted with valuable plants. If you take cheap flights from Accra to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to spend weekend there will be capable to watch tribal dancing take place at Village Museum.

Cheap flights from Accra to Dar es Salaam FAQs

What is the cheap day to fly?

The cheap day to fly from Accra to Dar Es Salaam flight is on Saturday.  So, if you want to keep little money on your next business tour look for flights on Saturday.

How many airlines fly direct from Accra to Dar es salaam?

There is no airline that offer direct cheap flights from Accra to Dar es Salaam.

What is the flight time between Accra and Dar es Salaam?

8h 20min in the average cheap flights from Accra to Dar es Salaam.    

What is the most famous airline operate between Acra to Dar es Salaam?

The most famous airline flying from Accra to Dar es Salaam is Ethiopian Airlines.

Tips for cheap flights from Accra to Dar es Salaam

• The flight distance between Accra to Dar es Salaam is 4580km.

• Kumasi, Ghana - Kumasi Airport is the most famous link for one stop flights between Accra, Ghana and Dar es Salaam.

• Dar es salaam Int airport provides nonstop flights to twenty-nine cities.