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Botswana is a unspoiled and wild country, home of the popular Kalahari desert, as well as savannahs, grasslands, and the capital city of Gaborone. There is also the biggest inland delta in the planet, the Okavango, and a wealth of wildlife to discover.

Here is the best attractions of Botswana.

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most amazing and wonderful wilderness places in Africa, if not the full planet. The Okavango Delta is big inland expanse of water and swamp. It is formed by the waters of the Okavango River, which drains into the Delta until they can be evaporated back into the environment or consumed by hungry plants and animals. Game watching and safaris are the most famous activities in the park and possible animals to be slighted contain zebra, cheetahs, crocodiles, elephants, and rhinos to name just a few.

Chobe National Park

A really charming sight to behold, the park is one of the most famous attractions in Africa and makes Botswana a must-visit place. Placed in Kasane, the park comprises of swamps, woodlands and flood plains, and is home to a big range of birds and wildlife. This is the top location in Botswana to view elephants and buffalo.

Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

One of the biggest salt pans in the planet, MakgadiKgadi was once a lake covering a big 10,000 square kilolmetres of north-eastern Botswana, but for 1000 of years, it has been the dry and unfriendly terrain you will discover today.

Tsodilo Hills

In 2001, the Tsodilo Hills were declared a UNESCO Globe Heritage place. Famed for its religious importance, it is comprised of shelters, rock paintings, caves and depressions. Over 4,500 cave drawings have been found all through the place.


This village is not far from Gaborone and is a best place for exploring the hills on foot. The village is amazingly industrious and houses a number of little producers such as metal, glassworks, and pottery on the aptly named Pelegano Village industry.

Cheap flights to Botswana FAQs

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Botswana?

does not get much rain, even in the rainy season. The showers are intense and sudden but dissipate as fast as they form. Coming to Botswana in the rainy season that spreads from December to February can let you enjoy your holiday without maxing out your credit cards. The rainy season brings new life to Botswana and changes swaths of the Kalahari Desert into dynamic grassland. In Southern Botswana, the weather is wonderful as well. The average temperature remains at a cool 28 C. Botswana flights and hotel rooms are readily accessible to visitors over the Christmas break.

What is the best time to fly to Botswana?

Peak season
Book cheap flights to Botswana in the summer months between July and November, when pretty rain shadows outdoor activities, and it is the best time to scope out wildlife in their natural habitats. Be careful of the crowds, though. With school holidays being a famous vacation time, most students and other visitors flood the big cities.

Off-peak season
If you are planning your cheap flights to Botswana between January and March, be alert to do extra research about getting around, because back roads can be very hard, and exploring wildlife can be tricky and hard to navigate. Heavy rains pressure some lodging to close down, but you are likely to find extremely inexpensive hotel deals and Botswana flight deals during the off-season.

Getting around in Botswana

Most transportation revolves around the 4 big cities. Flights to Botswana direct are typically costly if from the America, but if you plan your tour in advance, you will be capable to find the Botswana flight deals and cheap flights to Botswana.

6 big bus routes intertwine, but are not exceptionally quick or regularly scheduled. The train line runs from, to, and within the cities of Gamorne, Francistown, and Lobatse, and can generally be replied on for affordable fare and more timely service. Public transportation as a full is not considered to be the trustworthy or dedicated means of Botswana travel.

Because locals rarely pick public transportation, most fall back on hitchhiking. Although not forever a safe method for travel, especially for visitors who are not familiar with roads, hitch-hiking is shockingly somewhat regulated. The going rate rests around five cents per every 6 miles. If you trust the locals driving go for a drive, but be alert not to depend on local driving when you need to be somewhere on time.

Tips for cheap flights to Botswana

• Virgin Atlantic, Kenya Airways, South African Airways and Egypt air provide amazing flight deals to Bostwana.

•  There are 3 airports in Botswana

•  There is no direct Botswana Gaborone flights from UK.

•  Flight frequency at Maun Airport: Forty-two international and thirty-five local departures are seen at the airport each week.

•  Flight frequency at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport: More than forty-five local and around 195 international flights depart the airport every week.